Ministry Universities

"More – is better" – it seems that these words have decided to make the modern motto of Russian education. The idea of a merger or consolidation of universities was repeatedly expressed by the Minister of Education Andrei Fursenko. Claimed goal – improving the quality of education. However, it is obvious that the quality of education in universities is determined entirely by other criteria than just the size of the institution. In this regard, many questions arise about appropriateness of this decision, especially since it can seriously affect the fate of future generations in Russia. Size matters? Today in our country there are about three thousand state and private higher education institutions and their affiliates. Universities teach an average of 6-8 thousand students, while the Ministry of Education considers a major university, where an enrollment of 15-20 thousand people. In fact, these universities are involved in competition for state support of innovation and the winners of which receive from the federal budget by 800 million rubles for the research work.

It turns out that the larger university, the higher its chances of government subsidies. Therefore, the idea of a merger of several universities in a single, large and funded. The initiative is supposedly lower, but it is obvious that she provoked the top. As the head of the Ministry of Education and supposed to create a list of universities on the basis of their size. Then the state funding is distributed as follows: the basic grant will be the largest universities, which should be 10-20 across the country, and 100-200 small universities and other educational institutions to allocate funds from the state budget and does not plan to. The Government's position is simple: major universities more opportunities for economic maneuvers, and thus more opportunities to provide quality education. But do not arise if these "great opportunities" it is through more funding of major universities? Meanwhile it is known that all new – well forgotten old.

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