More Cool Capitals

If you think that in Spain is getting cold, imagine living in one of the coldest capitals in the world. In some parts of Scotland have reached temperatures of -22 C last week. However, not all crave the heat. Low temperature to scare off those who want sun and beach, these cool cities are a good option to avoid the summer tourist masses. So if you want to visit in winter, make sure to dress warmly and some other thermos. 1. Astana (Kazakhstan) -52 C The capital, Astana (until 1997 was Almaty) is famous for its futuristic architecture, a visit to the Palace of Peace, AK Orda Presidential Palace or Astana Nur Mosque should be on the itinerary of any visitor. The monument Bayterek, an observation tower of 105 m, is a symbol of the city that represents a mythical tree of life, a poplar, a magic bird of happiness, called Samruk, and its egg. Moreover, in winter we can find many offers and travel companies that operate these destinations.

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