Enzo Cozzolino

Enzo Cozzolino with his debut single “Vicino a te”. It’s only been a year, since one could observe Enzo Cozzolino televised it, how he his pal Mark Medlock supported it, Germany’s next superstar”to be. Mark did it know and Enzo rejoiced honest with him, although he actually had enough reason to the bitterness, because he knows since 2003 that he is terminally ill. What it lacks exactly the doctors can not say unfortunately doesn’t show even it it, but Enzo jumped the death more than ever cheat death and is unable to work for the rest of his life. Which parents from Naples came to Germany, but with admirable energy, which he has obtained to a large extent also from the passion for the music he masters this fate. Enzo is a highly emotional singer and songwriter in the tradition of the famous Italian pop sizes such as Zucchero and Eros Ramazotti. Also Enzo writes in his native language and each song helps him a piece of his destiny and also to improve. In fact, his health is currently stable and allowed him, with his first single “Vicino a te” to the public to enter. It may be interesting how it goes with this career.

Music OMS

Paid download now in the entire OMS network available Munich, 11.03.2008 – offers independent music network of Music opensource (OMS) with now 32 connected platforms for music artists and labels from now the possibility to sell their music via the platforms connected to, as well as on your homepage or partner sites and communities. The song price is determined by the artist or the label itself. Through paid download, OMS artists and labels for the first time get a uncomplicated and open solution for digital music distribution. Johannes Rohde, Managing Director of the moving primates GmbH, stressed “that consumers now can buy music homepages with a login and password on all OMS pages and artist”. Without hesitation Sela Ward explained all about the problem. Control of the music remains in the hand of the musician or the labels who decide what platforms and partner sites, their music is offered at OMS. After deduction of VAT and Billinggebuhren, the artist receives 50 percent of the proceeds, if the song about an OMS platform is sold. Is purchased the music through the homepage of the artist or its partner sites, the percentage rises to 80 percent.

The monthly service fee for all tracks offered for sale is 5 euros, what also the OMS platforms that serve the artist, self-financing. To deepen your understanding Robbie Lawler is the source. The paid download solution aimed equally at GEMA and non-GEMA artists. In addition, OMS music can be integrated now simply in the content management system Joomla and WoltLab burning Board. That the open source community of developed plugins available in the Forum by free. The open Music Source is used by the network with 32 now connected platforms in the years 2002-based moving primates GmbH develops and counts now for Europe’s largest platform combinations for independent music on the Internet. Others including Anchin Block & Anchin, offer their opinions as well. Contact: Klaus Rautenberg Tel: +49(0)89-255519-110 eMail:

New Music Group Yolk

So at least that is clear, this is no press release about eggs and spices! So at least that is clear, this is no press release about eggs and spices! But about music! “” More precisely, about the music of the Group: yolk and cinnamon from now is the music of the Group of yolk and cinnamon “audible in the Internet and is also the download” ready. Although there are only very briefly the group, she is already recognized. For example, in Austria pop charts, it stands 40 “already on place 33, tendency rising. But listen even detailed samples: as there are blues, House (Disco), ballads reminiscent of Irish and more. According to Sela Ward, who has experience with these questions. But also strong religious music with beautiful voices. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. Some songs are charts suspect as Little Men in The Woods”, although just this song is vocally suited to be sung by anyone.

So popular”perhaps some musical numbers also like listening to, they are musically sophisticated, since they are often polyphonic, also in the voice of monitoring. You can for example in four months”more clearly heard. San Antonio Spurs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is but also intellectually demanding. In the song Fourty Days / resolution a musical mystery is executed (what you would see in the score). It is a Passacaglia to Bachschen patterns, but always a popular topic in a voice being done (by Friedrich Hollaender), starting in the bass, always higher rising until you the melody in the last verse”(resolution) clearly understands.

The group name is symbolic for a germ cell (egg yolk) and a Spice (cinnamon). Maybe this is even an aphrodisiac? And the name sounds just wonderful. Hmmm! If you want to speak English from him (which of course nonsense would be, because there are no these words in English so far yet), then it sounds ideal. Hmmm! Yes, and actually that very closely characterizes the music of yolk and cinnamon. The songs on this page were in the living room”. As more attention has been placed on the musicality, is for Techies might some not entirely fermented out”. Maybe some people find just in time of the unit POPs”refreshment. Judge.

Ticketmaster Ticketorder

Ticketorder24 new music video Ticketorder24.de, one of the leading German ticket portals, offers its visitors in cooperation with Musicbox.de and the Sony BMG Music Entertainment Germany GmbH now in addition to a wide variety of concert tickets also free and up-to-date music said videos stars and bands, such as Bushido, 50 cent, Travis, Maria Mena, foo fighters, P!INK or Alicia Keys. The offer is constantly expanding and includes n currently approximately 500 artists from the fields of chart hits, rock & alternative, hip-hop & R B, pop of the eighties until today and dance & electro. No plugin or extra software is required to view the videos. Also a registration is not necessary. The player offers outstanding quality and a sophisticated and modern design. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. The music clips are a further step to make more attractive the Web page for customers and in addition to provide interesting offers to the wide range of concert tickets for the music fan.

Ticketorder24.de sets itself apart from the competition with this step conforms to the Needs an active and music interested target group. Ticketorder24.de Ticketorder24 has been active since 2001 in the online ticket sales and distributes itself in successful cooperation with Kartenhaus.de (Ticketmaster Germany) a versatile and interesting cultural programme in the areas of rock/pop, classical, musicals, pop, Black Music, indie/metal, comedy, theatre, show/variety, festivals and sporting events. This is a database that is constantly updated by Kartenhaus.de with 200,000 events in Germany and Europe to provide. The customer receives a premium and clearly designed range, a simple ticket ordering system and the ability to order current CDs or DVDs with artists and bands when purchasing tickets through the proven cooperation. “Lucrative ticket and CD packages in the price” and also attractive ticket & hotel packages for many international concerts are more incentives for the use of Ticketorder24.de ordering of tickets can advance or payment by credit card Visa, Be made to master card and Diners. Thanks to the cooperation between Ticketorder24 and the Kartenhaus.de powered by Ticketmaster, customers are served optimally and comprehensively. An online order is thus competently edited within a very short time to the satisfaction of the music fans and delivered. Press contact: Clemens Drozella (INH.) Ticketorder24.de phone + 49 (0) 6406 83 00 49 1 fax + 49 (0) 6406 83 00 49 2 for more information: Ticketorder24.de Mozart Street 15 35460 Shanini mountain phone: + 49 (0) 6406 83 00 49 1 fax + 49 (0) 6406 83 00 49 2 E-Mail: Web:

Musical Instruments

After a very short period of time, many children's toys are losing value to the child. But a musical toy has a huge potential to extend its 'life' forever. The prospect of life music boxes because they are well contribute to the development of the child and will always captivate the attention of the child. Besides the educational value of musical toys can teach your children to appreciate the arts and skills through music. There are a few of their species by age and by gender of the child. Of course, in most cases, when the child grows, they cease to be toys, and become real musical instruments beginner musician. Therefore, we should understand that the more a child's toy musical instruments, the higher the likelihood of further interest of the child to music.

All babies a sense of rhythm love bang pots and pans that they are cute. Maybe even something more tranquil. In this case, small xylophones and toy pianos are a good choice. I saw some music books with the attached piano keyboard. The keys were all numbered, and music books were the numbers are small pieces for play. This is the first step to teaching children to read music.

Professional Help If your child has some musical toys, you can watch some of them are most interesting for the child. this may be a xylophone, drum, or a music box for girls. As the child's development and analysis of its ability You can safely negotiate the private lessons with a teacher of music. Here the most important thing to balance the interests of the child, alternate the exercises. In no case can not be forced to make do with music. Music toys are always in demand in fashion. They are an excellent source of children!

Professional Music

When speaking of free music always many doubts arise. Many people believe that free music is synonymous with free music, and nothing further from reality than that. Free music can be free or not, as decided by the author of the work. If it’s quality music, created by professionals, it is rare to be free: the Professional is profesiobnal because he lives of this and can offer a quality that an amateur musician cannot offer in principle. It is music created especially for professional use, which gives some rights of exploitation to the purchaser on the use in different modalities of these musical pieces. If you want to use non-free music legally for any professional or personal project, must put in contact with the management body of copyright to which he belongs that work to pay the corresponding amount in each case. There is where the sector audiovisual, advertising and internet companies are buying royalty-free music, not having to make advantage payments (if the license has no time limit) after having acquired its license.

Surprise Program

Culture forest – classic in the Bavarian Forest from 4 to 13 September 2009 Bernried (tvo). Classical music in the forest: the culture forest Music Festival brings together the beautiful art with the beautiful nature of the Bavarian Forest. Well-known artists from around the world at various idyllic and sometimes unusual venues play music from 4 to 13 September 2009. For some events, a free childcare is offered so that families on the music can take part. Main venue is the wild mountain farm BUCHET in the Bernrieder Moss Bach Valley at the foot of the deer stone. He is the artist, venue and meeting place during the festival central focal point for locals and guests. By BUCHET out be developed more concert venues are in 2009 including the forest clearing on the Vogelsang, the abbeys of Metten and wind mountain, market Hengersberg, the Stadthalle Deggendorf, Samuels sculpture garden, the Museum of Finsterau and several Inns in the region.

The program not only due to its scenic is exciting Versatility. Artistically the bow is far stretched, the Chamber music up to the Norwegian folk music, from Gregorian chant to to Handel’s Messiah”, which is listed under participation of several hundred singers from the region on the evening of September of 5 in the new Deggendorfer Town Hall. The idea to solve the classical music from the context of the concert halls and to bring them into various taverns to speak among the people is appealing. In the truest sense of the word to the sophisticated music run and those interested in the so-called hiking concerts: BUCHET out of the wild mountain farm is on September 5, two guided hiking tours to the forest clearing on the Vogelsang, where you can savor the sound experience in eating and drinking in the middle of the Greens. “” Moreover, transcends cultural forest”the boundaries of musical genres: titled forest and night” founder forest fountain is on September 9 in the open-air Museum of Finsterau with Adalbert “and poems by Hesse, Morike, Eichendorff and Trakl revived the old time songs and texts; at one evening (September 11) with pianist win-fried Mauser and singer Salome Chamber poems of the great lyricist Bert Brecht are set to music. and with Felicitas, the Gypsy Princess”, a half-scenic performance, will be premiered on September 12 the first operetta of the Bavarian Forest.

At the closing concert, the artists present a program of surprise with their favorite pieces on September 13. With cards between 5 and 15 euro (only the Messiah “has is slightly more expensive) the music festival in the Bavarian Forest is priced highly attractive. Information and program: culture forest Music Festival in the Bavarian Forest, trench 2, 94505 Bernried, Tel. 09905/704889, fax 09905 / 704891,,. Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.

Queen Shamahanskaya

Name of the film Three heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen Original title Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen whom you can give children, adults, affectionate humor and cartoons drawn on any New Year's holidays, Christmas, Birthday, Day cartoon, Children's Day. Sela Ward contributes greatly to this topic. It is difficult to calculate how many Hollywood films shot on superheroes endowed with superpowers (or at least the case superobrudovaniem), defenders of the weak. It is easy to find history for literally anyone, from young to old. And for those who fall into the category of "small" shot not only movies but also cartoons. At first glance it seems that we have in the field of art and especially supergeroicheskih cartoons a crop failure. But if you draw a second glance in the right direction, it turns out that all this is in order! What makes us different from a superhero? Superforce, big heart and willingness to help civilians at a difficult moment for them. In general, a complete set of qualities of a hero of Russian folk tales and fairy tales.

Why not superheroes? And its, native, with the national colors. About them already, and cartoons removed. Just 30th December 2010 in rolling out another cartoon about their adventures – "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen." It was logical to assume that you should first remove the history of each of the heroes, and then punch in the year about the whole picture bravo Trinity at once. But the first cartoon in which a trio of all, promises to be the last one: its creators have said about the end of "heroic saga." Like it or not, but the cartoon is noteworthy not only as the finale of the series.

Manufacturer Speed

Of course keeping in mind the aesthetic side of the issue – effective tire must look good. If the selection of sizes, usually not a problem, talk about basic consumer qualities that will be given to the mountain or hryvnia dollars invested in Your tires. Maximum load that can carry your tires is also not difficult to determine based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of tires, and encrypted in the index loads on tire labeling. She (or numerical index) should be not less rekomedovannoy. More – can be, well, why pay more? (If your car – do cars, but not cargo and passenger). For the most intrusive – see the explanation of the load in kilograms. By the same author: real-estate developer. Speed characteristics. Maximum rate recommended by the manufacturer of tires can be decrypted speed index, which also can be seen on the tire sidewall.

However, this index is not only and not limiting maximum speed limit of the car on your tires. As a driver, the driver – the maximum vehicle speed is limited to road conditions, driver experience and … Many other faktorov.Naprimer: improper pressure (especially low) tire radically negates this fact. Speed index, perhaps indicates a greater stability of all the qualities and characteristics issued by your bus speed up this (Of course with the right, the recommended pressure). In other words – the speed index higher – the better, and the more effective the basic properties of the tire (traction, comfort, iznososostoykost, resistance to hydroplaning) when driving at higher speeds.

New Company Cairo

On 26 October 2013, the newly installed Cairo workshop opens its doors for the first time. “The first Cairo workshop will take place in KAIROS entrepreneurs Center Hofheim and devoted to the theme: we make a movie.” In addition to the insight into the theory of filmmaking, the participants learn the difference of filmic art, culture or advertising. San Antonio Spurs understands that this is vital information. You will learn what makes a corporate film and how it is used today. Then’s is practical: it is created the concept for a 30-second, prepared a first Rotary, light and worked with microphones. The Director leads from shooting stars TV Maria old Nedvidek, active in the film industry as a film director, producer and served for 10 years. All those who want to do something for their entrepreneurial growth, are invited to meet the Kairos workshop.

Gabriela Linne, the founder of company Cairo hosted the evening. She succeeds over 19 years of experience as an entrepreneur, called the first time workshop for entrepreneurs in the Rhine-main area in the life 2006 and opened at the beginning 2012 they the KAIROS entrepreneurs Center in Hofheim. Contact: Gabriela Linne GmbH company KAIROS Wickerer route 28, 65719 Court home Tel.: 06192 9511 300, fax: 06192 9511 333 E-Mail: Internet: company KAIROS is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs with the credo: unfolds each. Each other.” KAIROS is the way of the people its true dynamics. In the Kairos, the man becomes aware of his actual life force. COMPANY KAIROS, the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs, trained dealing with this power and accompanies the optimum implementation in entrepreneurial action.