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A year later, the company as seasons publishing took its seat in Hamburg. Since then were published a series of magazines created or developed after the purchase. Today the journal activities of the GANSKE summarizes publishing group in the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG including sales and advertising business. With 11 high-quality magazines, the company is one of the major publishers of consumer magazines in Germany. His areas of expertise are women magazine with the flagship for them as well as PETRA and VITAL, practical living with the titles of home living and myself, the iconic premium magazine of gourmet, MERIAN, COUNTRY and A & W architecture & living and the lifestyle magazine Prince and Prince TOP GUIDE for the young urban trend elite of metropolitan regions. About F.C. Gundlach F.C. Gundlach (Franz Christian Gundlach).

* July 16, 1926 in Heinebach, Hesse is photographer, gallerist, collector, curator, and founder. Since September 2003, Garrett, one of the most important is Fashion photographers of the early Federal Republic of Germany, founding Director of the House of photography in the DEICHTORHALLEN in Hamburg. After his photographic education from 1946 to 1949 in Kassel, he published especially theatre and film reports in magazines such as the German magazine, Stern, quick, and Revue as a freelance photographer. His specialization in fashion photography in a journalistic style in 1953 began work for the Hamburg-based magazine film and wife, for which he Borsche, Jean-Luc Godard and many others photographed especially the fashion Berlin fashion designers, the Parisian Haute Couture and again movie stars in fashion and portraits of artists by Romy Schneider, Hildegard Knef, Dieter. F.C.. Gundlach fashion photographs are multiple icons become, have allowed their creation context behind it, found their way into museums and collections. With the early of 1980s, his attention focused increasingly on collecting photographic works and the design of internationally acclaimed photo exhibitions.

His collection of photographic works under the “Title the image of people in photography” is one of the most important private photography collections of in Germany and is the House of photography as a permanent loan available. In 2000, the Foundation of F.C. Gundlach was founded, which focuses on the promotion of photography as artistic and socially significant heritage. Press contact CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 431 791 26 fax: + 49 40 431 791 27 E-Mail:

Wedding – Large Party Or Family Celebration

“Of all the wedding festivities is improper. None more should be done in silence, humility and hope as this “should have meant 1749-1832) once Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (. In this regard, a divorce, but still hold the spirits. Goop might disagree with that approach. Some people want to celebrate the happiest day of her life as big and pompous as possible, others prefer to believe in silence. Weddings require great organizational skills If you opt for a large celebration with many guests will innately have no problem to stand for a whole day in the center of attention. It is also the couple’s extensive organization that requires such a large party, make up slightly. It is easy to enjoy it all day and hopefully then have the feeling that something big and important strengthening in their life with this celebration. A truly memorable day! If the Einladeliste more than 100 guests, but it is quite difficult with the data during the ceremony. It is the bride and groom will probably notpossible to entertain the whole evening, with all his guests. There is the likelihood that some of our dear guests to feel a bit neglected and abandoned the premature celebration. The high cost of such a festival could also – sober look – quite well in the establishment of the joint family home or an unforgettable honeymoon in the Seychelles to invest. Family celebrations, many couples choose very popular as a small, family wedding. Large crowds, the extensive organization and the constant in-center-stand during their marriage is clearly contrary to them. The cost for such a small family in the familiar context, moreover, are manageable, the couple feels safe in humans and probably love. It has no stress to keep a large amount of guests over many hours in a good mood, and may also need to focus more on themselves. Who is all on the Einladeliste It is absolutely at a grand celebrationbe necessary to put in Einladeliste a bit of flair to the day. Relatives are quickly put out, when will forget them. Must be drawn somewhere, but the border is usually because one a dear friend or work colleague closer than aunt or uncle. Loading it up a couple of cousins, other family relationship but not the same, there certainly offended the reaction. The relationship quite large, the list can sometimes be quite long. On this important day, you should take with all due delicacy but perhaps most important, and ask yourself who you want to really see at the celebration and who not at all. Invite someone that you do not like at all, hiring one ultimately the joy of this special day. There is still considering whether they would like to invite some nice people from the company or the nearest neighbor to his wedding – and what about their children and grandchildren It is all so simple … a small family celebration, in view of these considerations, anywaysomething for themselves, no The general problem with many gifts to solve the “problem of gifts”, drawing up in department stores wedding lists with their wishes, or “wedding dinner” with selected household utensils can. Others just want money. This desire, however, depends on many guests not particularly good. But in order not finally be out of sheer modesty, with three and five irons Espresso machines there, it should at least give the couple a note of any requests or to think of something more original than money requests or wedding dinner.


Computer, thinking and experiencing "the image and likeness", and allowed scientists to put forward the idea of so-called "digital immortality." They seriously believe that the wisest electronic brain can make a full model of a particular person – his avatar. Of course, during his lifetime. Yahoo thinks like a copy, does the same, remembers the same, has the same inclinations. But moves in the virtual world of hateful incorporeal entity. Dove will fancy it – that essence – can be called electronic soul. Then the virtual world will become for her a kind of analogue of the kingdom of heaven. has been very successful. – If you get yourself, your identity in a digital form into the computer, she will live there forever – said Nick Meyer, a member of the American company Lifenaut, which is now experimenting with avatars. – It's really real way to continue life after physical death.

COMPUTER "Clones" Production primitive avatars already delivered to the stream. In the West, there are several companies working in this direction. Visitors to their sites meet the virtual girl, with whom you can really talk. True, Questions should be set in writing. But meet a girl in oral form. And welcome to keep them company. If you upload to the site, for example, the same Lifenaut your photos, videos, and most answers to many questions, then you cook up your avatar. That is you. And you – living – will be able to talk to a virtual. Your avatar even recall some of your overall life on earth.


So focalizate and concentrate all your effort into one, the best way to get results. Once elected, it is good that you have analyzed the negative parts of the project. But only that, should not go there, knowing that there is and nothing more. Do not find anything and has no negative sides. Then, once you know that it is, go ahead. Finally the most important, it only remains to start the new venture. But we have to start it now, NOW is the time. Many times it is expected the moment to do this or that.

But the timing, right time, timing, timing advantage … Please visit San Antonio Spurs if you seek more information. … Educate yourself with thoughts from Nancy Silberkleit. we may never arrive. If you expect that time comes you will see how it escapes time and your venture is without its implementation. The time is NOW The present moment is sometimes unacceptable, harsh or unpleasant, but you know, it is best to accept it, so and so es.Tu time is now, is today the present. The past or the future will not forge your actions or your decisions.

The past are memories of another time of other events and the future are just promises or proposals. Anyway the two are just illusions futile. The real, tangible, palpable is the present, today, now, that's what you really need. Nothing I've done what you've done outside of now. Do not feel depressed, confused or undecided. At the beginning we said that the projects, the enterprises, the challenges are there to take them, then we take them. How far do you take? there is nothing worse than uncertainty. Finally tell you that I have only just taking your venture forward know the truth. There is no other way, though you may have a hundred different ways. For you, only your way there … The wise man is he who lives by acting, not acting or thinking about what will happen when he is acting. Carlos Castaneda. Pursue enthusiasm, with joy, with energy, so close: only way to achieve an end furthest. Hebbel Well, no doubt this is your time and today is the day. Good luck. Eduardo Blanco.

Google Street View

Augmented reality is one of the most promising inventions for Marketing Digital; Why? What is that makes this technology especially attractive for human beings? If we are going to the case, augmented reality is that great invention that finally took shape and was conceived and seen in many science fiction movies and that everyone wants to have it; It is Matrix, it is Terminator, causing emotions similar to which they felt when in the 1990s we couldn’t enter universities of all pages is the world or a little later, when the imaging technology allowed to see works of art in a Museum in a few clicks. Little by little, the excitement of what we have going goalpost and just when we got used to the genius of Google Street View because we know that it is still there, appears a new concept that aims to take everything a step further. The great novelty that brings this new concept is: the dissolution of typical limitations to the use of the computer (mouse, keyboard, etc.) The incorporation of unrealistic elements in reality through an interface that can be the smartphone, a pair of special glasses, a console, etc. The feeling of having the network a little more within reach yet, more connected and close to the body. The huge potential which supposes a platform capable of combining the real with the surreal or fantastic. The feeling of greater freedom, greater portability of information, greater density of transmitters and receivers of communication. Many possibilities with augmented reality to the world of marketing and communication. Some of these possibilities almost unimaginable not long ago and which will surely surprise us. Follow others, such as Nancy Silberkleit, and add to your knowledge base. For Android layar and Wikitude are some of the applications that demonstrate how useful that can be to recognize places and add information in successive layers.

Foreign Language

In life, there is one or another situation in which to learn a foreign language is a must, or your life turned out, that you are going abroad to live, or you will face a serious promotion, is only a flash new language skills. Immediately behind this decision comes a bunch of questions. How do I learn? Where to teach? How to choose a course? Teacher? And anyway – it really viable? And then you come to the bookstore and choose benefits that you advises the seller. Enroll in language classes, who advised friends. Sela ward takes a slightly different approach. Looking for private tutors, guided only by the inner voice. And do not know the most important answer: whether you are doing? After all, until So far you have not had experience in learning the language, as there is no measure of the rules and what is good and what's not and what a start in selecting methods and textbooks.

Is is one way – through trial and error or to search for a recipe? All would be nothing, but we are losing time and losing money, and frustration that we can grasp in the end, sometimes completely discourage the desire to continue learning the language further. Before giving concrete advice and recommendations language learners that will help you easily start to navigate in a sea of options available today services and benefits, listen to a parable of the athletes from Russia. Learned once they have that in Tibet there is a monastery, whose monks in after one of the festivals run 80 kilometers.

Restaurant Service

Nevertheless, so that the new concept is known the establishment will be necessary to wait for year 2014. A last menu East surprise Saturday from the 18,00 hours (an hour and a half before the habitual thing) gives to beginning the last service of the restaurant, to which they are invited about fifty privileged people, all of them " friendly and familiares" of Adri, according to it has confirmed own chef. The last menu is also a secret, and will culminate with an intimate celebration, with campanadas incorporated like in year end, in which instead of grapes pieces of an enormous pie will eat surprise, being pleased that as of the 00,01 hours of the 31 of July the Bulli Foundation begins its walking. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jorge Perez. Adri explains that to arrive at " this sueo" that it will be the foundation, it has been possible thanks to chefs that they have happened through the Bulli and that from now on will be the ones in charge to eternally maintain the spirit of this already mythical restaurant alive. It is not necessary to forget among others that in the Bulli they have worked Ren Redzepi (number one of the world according to the Restaurant magazine), Joan Rock (number two), Andoni Luis Aduriz (number three) and Massimo Bottura (number four). For that reason, Adri wants to pay tribute and to write to fire in the pages of the universal kitchen the names in which they have participated in generated gastronomical revolution in the furnaces of the Bulli. Source of the news: It closes ' The Bulli' , to that Ferran Adri will transform into a new gastronomical foundation

The small Canary adorns a Warner Bros exclusive homewear collection by triumph. “Consumer products is pleased to announce that the world’s renowned companies triumph a range of homewear articles with Tweety for the young brand Miss triumph” has released. This will come in the spring / summer 2010 in the trade. The small Canary adorns six exclusive models for the young and trendy audience. The Tweety by Miss Tiumph”collection includes shorts, T-Shirts and pants, all of which can be combined and nighties and Teddies. The models show the famous small bird in blue and vanilla colors in the trendy vintage and the romantic look. The collection was designed by triumph itself. Heath-Stefanie Bodamer, Homewar fire management triumph global Western fit, stresses: Tweety is cute, cheeky and fun and has already achieved cult status among young celebrities.

It’s perfect for our target audience.” Tweety is one of the best-known and beloved Looney Tunes characters and is at the heart of many great partnerships with prominent international partners. So Warner has brought one together with the Spanish singer Chenoa exclusive product line with Tweety on the market. Designed for two years, the collection includes clothing, accessories, kitchen utensils and perfume for the young, female audience. In France, the cooperation started in 2008 with the celebrity scene star Cathy Guetta. The Tweety by Cathy Guetta collection”includes exclusive fashion and accessory items for fashion-conscious young women. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros.

Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. About triumph triumph International is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of underwear. The company is represented in over 120 countries with its brands triumph, sloggi, Valisere and HOM. Triumph has more than 44,500 employees worldwide and achieved total sales of 2.37 billion Swiss francs in 2008. Contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products Petra Rahul, Tel: 040 22 650 0, press: public insight, Andrea Klasterer, Tel: 089 78 79 79 90,

Production Benders

Universal bending machine for spiral-ring pipe bending 'EGS-6' ('MMP-3101'- 3) Equipment for bending pipes video of the machine tool mechanism' MMP-3101'- 3 is designed for circular and spiral bending pipe and rolled , by rolling three drive rollers in the cold. Specifications Parameter number 1 Total number of working rollers: – drive. March 2 Rolling speed (m / min.) 7.8 3 Speed feed side rollers (M / min.) 0,8 4 Maximum angle of side rollers (deg) 9 May Yield valtsuemogo material kg/cm2 2500 June Drive power, kW March 7 Power of the lateral roller kW. 1,5 8 Total capacity of the machine, kW. September 6th Overall Dimensions LxWxH (mm): – c remote control – without control panel 860x650x1020 860x900x1140 10 Weight machinery kg.

400 Universal bending machine for spiral-ring-bending "EGS-6 / 3" (MSW-3101 – 3): technically advanced machine of new generation as meeting all the requirements, both in terms of ease of use – in automatic mode, bending process is carried out with an electronic control, and in terms of quality characteristics – increasing the durability of the most significant sites, equipping the main drive system, my dynamic braking, etc. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. The machine is designed for circular and spiral bending pipes and long products, the method rolling three-driven role-kami in the cold. The machine can be made rolling tubes of round, square, rectangular, as well as profiles with different geometry of the section. The delivery of machine consists of rollers under the following sizes of pipes: Table number 1 water and gas pipes d drug., 10 inches dn, mm wall thickness, mm 3 / 8''on Oct. 15 2.2 1 / 2''20 15 2.8 3 / 4 ' '25 20 2.8 1''32 25 3.2 1 1 / 4''40 32 3.2 1 1 / 2''50 40 3.5 2''60 50 3.5 Special order produced commercials for rolling all possible profiles within the technological capabilities of the module. The maximum dimensions of profiles: Profiles Pipes Corner Rolled Strip Sectional tubes Max. dimensions of blanks, mm. A drug.

63 D drug. 40 60 * 30 mm. 50 * 50 * 4mm, Radius of bending, mm. The main advantages of the machine: – the ability to control the machine in manual and automatic modes, and in automatic mode bending process is carried out with an electronic control for a given program – machine is equipped with dynamic braking of the main drive – ability to use the machine to perform a variety of bending operations by shifting production tools – the ability to control the machine with Remote and elektropedali – machine requires no special training base, it is installed on any hard surface. Bending machine provides high-quality pieces at a given angle of up to 360 with minimal change profile geometry without the formation of corrugation, fractures and other defects. Allows you to produce complex products with multiple pipes in the orientation of the planes of bending in the space, given the particular relief structures (when going around the columns, pillars and other obstacles). In order to best meet the needs of our customers plant provides the following services: – Advanced delivers the * set of replacement rollers * spare parts of the mechanism – Makes commissioning – Produces training, gives advice on operating the machine – carries out repair and maintenance of equipment supplied.


Having hemorroides is not problems smaller, is a very painful and embarrassing problem with which one must live long time. People are very absent-minded of her actions as far as the health, and they finish not having idea of when or because they have developed this condition with time. Lucky person for that they have this disease, is a definitive form to cure the hemorroide without needing visiting a medical profecional again. Since put they it in a jam where you really must buy articles of a local drug store to diminish the reappearance of hemorroides, they ask to him to prove some of the mensionadas therapies down. These trapias are natural and effective in the treatment of their problem the use of topical in the form of cream as the Avellna and gels as the Aloe Side Gel really provides a lightening of the constant irritation and the puncture.

They call to this the topical therapy. He is more advisable to use the herbal one or naata in natural form instead of to use products more conventional than aid to the lightening of the pain even must be proven the water also. it is that hydro is worth the pain to prove therapy because the water can work in inhibicon of the reappearance of the hemorroides in the majority of people. Add to your understanding with Vanessa Marcil. The water helps to clear harmful substances and toxins in the body and also will avoid the constipation that leads to the formation of difficult stools. The constipation is one of the reasons why the hemorroides in the internal area or esterna of the anus are swollen and the rupture. To cure the hemorroide is so much more easy if one eats the feeding products that are rich in the fiber because the fiber absorbs up to 4 times of the water that is equivalent its weight. Its diet would have to include the natural or cooked leafy green vegetable, fruits, whole products of grain, oats and other that have the high fiber content. For a treatment of complete hemorroide and 100% cash, I recommend to him that it enters Link of down, and there conocera the only treatment of all Internet that it cures the hemorroides definitively, without these reappear. if it wishes to only know but it enters original Author and source of the article.