Diabetes Association

Advanced PumpenCheck exposed power-guzzling central heating pump / co2online finds oldest German school pump / installation of high-efficiency pumps pays for itself after just a few years Berlin, 10 November 2011. Old heating pumps consume 80 percent more electricity than modern high-efficiency pumps in non-residential buildings and are real energy guzzlers. By exchanging these inefficient pumps in non-residential buildings around 1.9 TWh could be saved at wholesale and retail, in Office buildings, schools, hotels, universities and universities of applied sciences of electricity per year (see infographic). This shows that with a low investment measure such as the pump replacement energy efficiency in Germany a big piece can be promoted”, says Tanja Loitz, Managing Director of the non-profit co2online GmbH. Comparison: Google required to power approximately 2.26 terawatt-hours for the worldwide operation of its data centers in the year.

The PumpenCheck on shows the actual savings of heating pumps. The advanced energy saving Advisor You can now also for certain types of non-residential buildings. The PumpenCheck is part of campaign seeking climate”protection, supported by the Federal Ministry of the environment. Students should find Germany’s pumps-oldie co2online finds the oldest heating pump in a German school. Teachers and students of all types of schools are called, together with the House masters in the school basement to go and take a photo of the heat pump. Until December 8, 2011, schools nationwide can submit their photos.

The experts of co2online determine the age of the pump and Crown the winner. nowledge. Learn more on the subject from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. ican Diabetes Association is the place to go. The school with the oldest pump Gets a modern high-efficiency pump available from Grundfos pump manufacturer. All other information about the competition at. Great savings potential in non-residential buildings the heating pump is the heart of a heating system. They transported the water heated by the boiler to the radiators. It requires electricity. Old pump work but always with the same speed and cannot adjust the corresponding demand.

SunSplash – International Music Festival On The Turkish Riviera

Musicians and stars from the DJ scene celebrate 23-30th May 2010 at Antalya SunSplash forget you rubber boots, sleeping bags and improvised bathroom this festival comes with an on-site Spa! Last year, the music festival SunSplash in the second round goes to the brilliant debut. Of the 23 30 May 2010 once again international artists and DJs like Jamie lidell, Gilles Peterson and Phil Asher on the Turkish Riviera gather to celebrate a music event of class in the exclusive setting of hotel hillside Su on the beach of Antalya for a week. And the whole thing in the atmosphere of a lovingly planned private party, instead of a large mass. Here, Glenn Dubin, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Against the impressive backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and the turquoise Aegean Sea Bossa celebrated in a small, refined frame for a week finest electro, House, soul, jazz, Funk, classic Nova, new and oldschool. While rubber boots, waterproof clothing and a tent must be wrapped for other festivals, hike for this music highlight above all, beach shoes and swimwear in the travel bag. Because the event at the luxurious ambience will be held a 5 star design hotel complex complete with private spa, sushi bar and private beach. Vanessa Marcil is full of insight into the issues. Headlining the event is one of the currently hottest dance producers and electro-soul artist of UK: Jamie lidell. Lidell is one of the best live performers of the electronic music scene and Gaye is compared to his style like Prince and Marvin.

Full of anticipation, he trembles against the event: I was never at a festival like the SunSplash. It’s great music and this healthy food like an incredible vacation with a lot of cheerful people,\”. Present lidell has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Feist and Chris Taylor of grizzly bear and is brand new material from his forthcoming album compass at the Festival\”. The other line up of festivals include Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay and Phil Asher, bPm as well as Rainer Truby, Manasseh, SIMBAD, DJ Lefto, Jacob (Batmacumba) and the.

Mac OS Apple

With increasing distribution of Apple computers in companies, there are more and more enterprise-class solutions for the Mac. In recent years the computer and electronics company could not least sell Apple more Macintosh computers, due to the outstanding success of the iPod touch and the iPhone. Apple computer with its UNIX-based Mac OS X operating system are regarded as particularly safe, stable and reliable. Due to the resulting low total cost of (ownership TCO, total cost of ownership), the purchase of Mac computers for entrepreneurs and freelancers is always interesting. So, for example, the Axel Springer Verlag has announced in July 2008, to convert all jobs on Apple computer within five years. The Macs from Cupertino will be not only in the media industry increasingly popular already in 2006 the Japanese Aozora announced Bank, to replace almost all 2,300 Windows based computer with the company Apple Macs. The iPhone is in the business increasingly the destination of choice: recently the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) of Switzerland in the March 2010 announced plans to replace all Palm and BlackBerry devices against corresponding iPhone models from Apple. Because the Apple platform in the most diverse fields of business is becoming increasingly popular for years, there are many industry-specific software solutions for the Apple operating system Mac OS X.

So, the Office Suites Microsoft Office and the free OpenOffice.org are available already for a long time also for the Apple platform. Moreover, Apple offers iWork programs pages, numbers and keynote with the Office suite, which are characterised by very simple operation and produce professional results. Eva Andersson-Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. X are also standard software for business use such as programmes for online banking or database solutions for Mac OS in many variants available. If the Windows operating system is still required, there are several solutions that run Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 on your Mac for the Mac. With boot camp the current Mac OS X 10.6 Apple already contains a Solution as a second operating system on your Mac run Windows. This establishes a separate Windows partition on the hard drive on the Mac, and start the Mac allows to choose whether to start the Apple or the Microsoft operating system. The parallel use of Windows or Linux with Mac OS X is made possible by the use of Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion for Mac OS X.

The Oldenburg Mac specialist macXperts online trading provides an overview of enterprise software for the Apple operating system Mac OS X on his Internet site. Below are lots of information and articles on standard as well as industry-specific software for Mac OS x. macXperts explains how the switch from Windows to a Mac can easily be performed, what online banking solutions for Mac OS X there is and introduces commercial software as well as the flexible database program FileMaker Pro for Windows and the Mac. Swarmed by offers, Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is currently assessing future choices. macXperts articles also offers industry-specific solutions, there are articles about software for Doctors, architects, musicians, music schools, lawyers and professionals for video editing. The articles are available free of charge and can be lowered and partly also as a PDF file. The offer is rounded off by buying advice for Apple notebooks and desktop systems, test reports, as well as leasing advice for entrepreneurs and freelancers. As simple as possible to make the entry in the Apple world, macXperts adds video-training workshops to the Mac OS X operating system and application software like Apple Keynote or the iLife suite also video training to Apple Remote Desktop or Mac OS X server on its Internet site, as well as for administrators.

Grandfather Tells Of The War

“Ronny Trettmann the inventor even two years is 01.09.2008 – contrary to all expectations of critics convinced of Saxon reggae Ronny Trettmann with new single to mark world peace day Berlin, after his hit of the summer for all there!” continues with originality and durability. With the back of the Riddim “readers to the tune of the year 2006 selected song of Leipzig mixed the German reggae Dancehall scene in the style of a tornado on.” For 2008, the young songwriter’s ambitious goals. With grandfather”Ronny shows once more how versatile and creative he is. No topic is too sensitive him, no challenge too great. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker. “Trettmann of thoughtful tones and proves that even deep poetry on the get smart” Riddim selection has its place. “Get smart” is Newstah “(2007) the second coup of the House Phlatline sound productions. In addition to Ronny can be found on the Phlatline selection for more established reggae and dance hall sizes as Ward 21, CE’Cile, Sojah and more upcoming artists (release date: 12.09.08). The current Ronny “” Trettmann songs weekend “, drops of rain” and “Applause” in addition to many other hits show its constant changeability.. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

Brehna Leipzig

The compilation CD by DVBSHOP will contain a variety of DVB-TV applications the compilation CD by DVBSHOP will contain a variety of DVB-TV applications. Including full versions of the well-known DVBSHOP.TV players, based on the engine of the DVBVIEWER. Educate yourself with thoughts from Glenn Dubin. The bundle is offered is expected end of September 2008 to the in-house TV cards. After collecting a variety of information, straight from the tech support in the House of DVBSHOP reputation were asked to provide their customers with a collection of tools and programs which makes easier the integration, as well as working with TV cards. The compilation CD contains several full versions, as also freeware and demo versions of various developers and companies, such as: DVBSHOP.TV Player (based on the engine of the DVBVIEWER), full version, practicable with all the techno trend and Satelco TV products with BDA drivers DVBDREAM, MediPortal V1.

0 RC2, MyTheatre 3.38.2, ProgDVB in the versions 4.9 x and 5.x, RitzDVB, VistTV 96ci Sceneo, WatchTV Pro 1.00 and WatchTV Pro ex, and some other TV Player for digital TV cards. In addition come with tools for film editing (such as encoding, DVD authoring, editing, etc.). It is also planned to deliver the entire documentations and manuals for at least all Technotrend products on CD. As a FAQ, which is offered as the “Essence” of the in-House Forum “dvbnetwork”. DVBSHOP is a global trading company with headquarters in Brehna Leipzig.

Fair Construction

Largest trade fair of the region of Aachen/Cologne – event for the whole family Duren. “After construction fair was the huge success of the 1 on Anna fair place in Duren in autumn 2008 for MESA-chef Wolfgang Becker and his team quickly set: we come back.” And so it is called building housing renovation saving energy then from 2nd to 4th October 2009 again “.” It is now, to beat the first event with over 13,000 visitors and 130 exhibitors. In the last year, we had four tents. “This year there will be five and to 10,000 square metres of space including free terrain”, so Wolfgang Becker about the largest construction fair in the district. In the coming year we strive for at least six tents.” For ten years, the MESA GmbH organized successfully subject-related audience measurement. Locations are Rheinberg, Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Offenbach, Sinsheim, Hofheim, Duren and this year for the first time bad Durkheim. Special advertising concept the economy weakens, the MESA fairs are booming. How is it to tell? Straight in economically difficult times it is important to apply a company”, Wolfgang Becker knows.

And for our trade fairs provide the ideal platform. Here the factories can speak directly to your potential customers and advice.” The best evidence that this Bill go up was that many exhibitors of last fair already had signed up for the follow-up event. Another advantage is our special advertising concept”Project Assistant Tanja Klausmeyer added. “Extensive posting on the trade fair site, advertising in the local media, a professional Internet presence and free advertising for exhibitors includes one and.” The latter includes also free tickets in unlimited quantities for all exhibitors who then invite their customers and prospects. Patron of the event is Mayor Paul Larue also this year again. The city of Duren will be again to find an information stand at the fair. As well, the City Development Corporation of Julich and GWS will be represented.

Our exhibitors come from the district, Wurselen, Aachen, the Eifel and the Cologne area”, Tanja Klausmeyer counts. Over 150 exhibitors are expected. And that is a guarantee for a colorful variety. Main topic is energy saving. These include information and lectures by independent consultants. Good advice must be not always expensive. Sometimes it is even free. In the lectures on the construction fair in Duren for example free childcare MESA fairs are family fairs, is clear, that not only the classical areas of man are thematically occupied, but also the beautiful things – like exclusive furniture, home accessories and garden design – find plenty of space. Of course also the little ones not to come short. On Saturday and Sunday, there’s a free childcare for children from 3 years and so a light-hearted exhibition tours for parents and grandparents. Further information, 02421 / 407900 or on. The fair Overview: 2-4 October 2009 opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: Anna Kirmes, 52349 Duren admission: 5 euros per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors free tickets for exhibitors in unlimited quantities Ursula Weyermann

Americans Without Visa

Jose Brechner ended the massive emigration of Americans to Bolivia. From now on every citizen of the United States who want to enter the country of Evo Morales must apply for visa, according to the new decree issued by his haughty or resentful? Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Choquehuanca, the biggest enemy of culture and intelligence, after Goebbels. Was time that someone put an end to the tidal wave of thousands or million will be? Americans seeking better conditions of work and life in Bolivia, the country of endless opportunities, where their posts removes the natives. The decree will lead to despair to those who waited for years to get the nation more advanced and modern Southern Cone, with a stable economy and an enviable future to prosper, to live in peace, harmony and freedom. With its recent decision, the Indian Government is majestic stands, strikes the arrogance of those who believe powerful and launches stern warning to those who dare to ask visa to the Bolivian, which also includes the European Union, and that by logic, their citizens will have to be the next who is should require reciprocity in the permission to enter the country. The world will know from now on, with Bolivia game conditions are equal, less in football, where the high plateau claim advantage. Luckily there are countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, Libya, Nicaragua, Argentina, where not asking for anything and nor Bolivia required nothing. You can travel with drugs, heavy sums of money in cash, guns, bombs, and any illegal or deadly luggage.

Having Bolivian Passport never was an advantage. Traffickers gave a bad name to the country and the Inquisition in airports is degrading to their carriers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sally Rooney. With the intimate friendship which made Morales with Islamic leaders in the Middle East, Bolivians not only have to endure to look them as drug traffickers, but now also as terrorists. Bolivia still digging its own grave, retreating each more day of civilization, returning to its wild past inconsistencies and violence of which was a small synopsis this last week, when its wise and serene lawmakers grabbed at trompadas in the Hemicycle. The obedient Morales, abides by orders of his insane Venezuelan Chief, or take farfetched measures along with their great illiterate Ministers.

The indigenous people do not have the slightest idea of how modern society works, they do not understand their codes, their principles, their laws, their motives. For the cosmopolitan Bolivian rulers the world begins and ends in his Office. Bolivia receives about 800 million dollars annually of their expatriates. They are the sustenance for hundreds of thousands of families who can hardly survive due to lack of work, poorer wages established by the Socialist regime, inflation, and the increasing rise in prices. If it unleashes a razia’s illegal in Europe, Bolivians who must return to their country will cause an unprecedented economic and social collapse. With each measure that takes the picturesque Cabinet, most sinks to the State and their constituencies will hastiando their arbitrariness, infantilism and ignorance. When Morales Primitivo assumed power, the first world countries warned their fellow residents in Bolivia, should take preventive measures for a possible emergency evacuation. The critical situation has not yet been given, but is on the menu. Many foreigners were and many Bolivians also. The central objective of the Indian Government, as indicated by his nickname, is make a purely Indian country of Bolivia.

Free Edition Of The Bild-Zeitung

60th anniversary of the birth of Axel Springer Verlag! With about 2.7 million circulation, the Bild-Zeitung is the highest-circulation daily newspaper of in Germany. 60th birthday the Axel-Springer-Verlag wants to cater to now every household on June 23 with a free edition of Bild newspaper. What is packaged as a gift, is nothing but more than a clever advertising campaign. This issue has apparently not the message character of a normal picture newspaper, but rather chronologically represent the history of the Bild-Zeitung. The side effect pleasant for the publishing is that the advertising is due to the large spread, would finance the whole operation. So not really a gift, but a good ausbaldowerte advertising campaign, which affects not only people who want to have advertisements, but presented them in the form of a newspaper, but also unnecessarily polluting, since such extensive work of many is unwelcome.

Various associations and institutions have launched campaigns against it. The Association Campact has a form on its website published on the mail a contradiction can be transmitted in the Axel-Springer-Verlag. Over 200,000 of these objections have already been sent. Since the Bild-Zeitung is officially no advertising, a “no advertising” sticker on the letterbox of the postal services are ignored. Thus, this cleverly circumvented and advertising as newspaper delivered free House.

The website has launched with the online shop a sticker campaign. Sticker for mail boxes, car windscreen or other possible bases are sold explicitly for this action. The motif is aimed precisely against this action and only the Bild newspaper as an advertising medium. With these stickers, which are sold to four copies, clarify your position to the Publishing House to and increase the pressure to hot not good this action or if necessary even to cancel. Each of us stopped at a time in which raw materials are scarce, is to recycle and everyone tries to support this through their own actions, is a such Action a slap in the face. Huge amounts of raw materials waste exclusively for advertising purposes as such advertising, contrary to today’s opportunities, not goal-oriented. With these labels, the citizen has the possibility to show the flag, to his opinion publicly. On customer’s request, it is possible, send its data clean pressure to the Axel-Springer-Verlag to leave and to give also a delivery refusal for his address. All these measures enable the citizens to exert pressure on an overpowering group that wants to impose the citizens his opinion and his power.

Center Game

The weather is rainy and cold games as an alternative to television and PC. At home, the children nag that is so boring to them. Just in front of the TV hanging around and see an animated series after another or forever to waste his energy on the game? This is really not the ideal. Children to do something with their time, which is not operated now to motivate with electricity or batteries. “” A round man trouble you not “or UN”? Demonstrate perhaps the safe hands with the shaky Tower of Yenga”? These were early days, where we spend hours made dice games or card game rounds.

Since we no longer thought of the square flicker box in the corner. Clearly, it was sometimes bitter, if one has lost vastly. Anna Belknap has much experience in this field. On the other hand, the glorious victory was the highest. Such experiences are so valuable and difficult it can be replaced. The victory at the Center to assist and to exhibit, when losing enough frustration tolerance, that you put away the defeat. It is namely in the players bad on the game board furiously throwing through the area, the game Cone in the room to fly.

Or mufflig to claim that the lost game ever mind one, but at the same time the rest of the afternoon to draw an angry mouth. Also losing must be learned! Board games have other positive effects. One learns to count, to detect the number of throw bases image immediately, associate colors, it educates the perception and the sense of sight and much more… Can impersonal TV or game console achieve the same? Therefore it is so important to children nowadays with Board or card games. Also playing in a round is a lot of fun and so passes an afternoon fly without that one must be bored. For assistance, try visiting Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. In the broad Spielpallette, there are games for every taste and every topic area soon. Were these E.g. the pirates, Knights, Indians, ghosts, fairies, princesses, or animals. Of course more information can be found on the Internet e.g. or by advice from a competent toy engineer. A. skis children games Welt.de

Mendoza Tourism

One of the places to visit is the northern part of the province of Mendoza, which is highly attractive for tourism because of its combination of landscapes of mountains, foothills and peaks with geography of rugged valleys. A unique landscape, perhaps the ideal place for excursions in Mendoza to all snow, fresh air and skies of incredible transparency. In Lujan de Cuyo, where some of the most prestigious wineries in the province are, the Potrerillos Valley is home to the dam of the same name, a phenomenon surrounded by mountains which encourages the practice of all kinds of water sports. Rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing are just some of them. Although it is not essential to practise any sport to enjoy the beauty of the impressive Andean landscape.

An unmissable excursion only 70 Km away from the capital. The Potrerillos dam and the Cipolleti are responsible for providing water nothing less than the entire area of the greater Mendoza. A task that has to appreciate the beauty and exuberance of the groves that adorn the capital of the province. For those who love challenges, nothing like dare to demanding circuits of high mountain of the neighboring Department of Las Heras. A place where the echoes of the epic deeds resonate stronger than ever. And nobody can stop to visit the replica of the glorious camp of the army of the Andes, or the museum dedicated to the heroic epic. Almost on the border with the province of San Juan, we find the Department of Lavalle, which intertwines surprising geographies halfway between oasis and desert. People such as Glenn Dubin, New York City would likely agree.

Lavalle is also the Department par excellence of the sweetest temptations, with their fruit dryers and their factories of canned foods that attract the visitor at every turn with his promises of aroma and flavor. A delicious trip within the framework of projecting a flora and fauna that manage to captivate the attention of tourists to reach its maximum expression in the Teltecas forests, unrealistic concentrations of vegetation literally emerged from the driest of deserts. Finally, both Lujan’s whose as Las Heras and Lavalle are numerous headquarters wineries that are invited to the more classical excursions in Mendoza. This journey that allows you to see and taste from inside the magical process that transforms the noble grapes into delicious wine.