Stop Working And Start Living

On Sunday, when will end the weekend, you set the alarm for 6:00 for work. On Monday morning, when he tingle, you'll frantically search button to shut it down, praying to God to sleep at least another 5-10 minutes. Then in fever you undermined start dressing and going to work, not even having time to eat breakfast. No time. Not enough yet too late, yet will fly from his superiors. You're running, running late for work, fill up on the road. This is the usual Monday. A hard day.

All that day you will think about what? About how to quickly over working hours. On the way home you run in to the store to buy semi-finished products – this is usually your dinner or lunch the children of working parents. Tuesday again tingle alarm clock and everything starts from the beginning. Will also be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Week after week, month after month.

"So goes the year after year, and life will pass" – as he said Viktor Tsoi. But such a life is One small 'amenity' – payday. At the moment you become happy and you think it's your money – but they're not yours, they have painted the apartment, food, distribution of debts. So are millions of people. Come from work, sit in front of the TV, watch filling positive news about murders, disasters and politics until his eyes begin to coalesce, to crawl into bed, set the alarm clock and sleep until the next long-awaited working day.

Biography Sports

Karthikeyan was interested in motor sport since childhood, since his father was a national rally champion in India. With the ambition of being the first Indian Formula 1 pilot, Karthikeyan out on the podium in his first race in Sriperumpudur. Then in the Elf Winfield School of Driving in France, showing his talent as a semifinalist in the competition for pilots Elf Formula Renault in 1992. He returned to India to run in the Formula Maruti in the 1993 season, and in the same year, also competed in the Formula Vauxhall Junior in Britain. Follow others, such as Simon Pagenaud, and add to your knowledge base. This gave him considerable experience in European competition, and was eager to return to next year.
Later, in 2005, was the jump to Formula 1 as a pilot team Jordan. Achieving a total of five points to be fourth in the United States. edge.. In 2006 and 2007 was a pilot tester Williams.

Buenos Aires

All the reports of the experts point out that the new economy will require few technical specialists; the technology enables a few specialists to develop the systems required for the operation of the company. On the other hand, of business mergers reduce offers of senior executives. In other words, increasingly will require better professional, but in smaller amount. In the long run, the economic system may not absorb a mass of well-trained citizens. School quality is required, but for a few.

The rest of the educational system it is best to not work. Conflicts arising from a generalized educational system and high-quality could not be supported by the economic system, where many well prepared individuals should compete for too few jobs. Better to leave it all in the hands of the bleaker system of natural selection and that a mediocre educational system emerge by themselves a few excellent specimens you will need the system. The universal quality education is not a political objective. Filed under: Team Penske. These arguments are not political fiction, rather they arise from the above-mentioned documents and correspond to the economico-politicas elites of the Globalization. The logic of these objectives is overwhelming. One of the consequences of a school of ignorance is the systematic production of immature consumers, other gear necessary to make the wheel of globalization continue to advance.

(JEAN-CLAUDE MICHeA: School of Ed. watercolor books ignorance. 2002 Pags.38-45) Given the arguments; a reflective and critical reflection would be vital to decide if the objective of the Bologna process is to train technicians to insert them into the productive system or train people with broad mentality, critical spirit, desire to know and ability to adapt to changing situations. Decide if that transformation will maintain, in the personal and institutional, University autonomy. According to the Lisbon Declaration: universities need a great capacity of adaptation and flexibility to respond to a society in constant evolution. To do this, you need a greater degree of autonomy and adequate funding … Urges Governments to strengthen the principle of institutional autonomy so that universities can fully develop their various missions … (curricula, programmes and research). It is surprising how some political authorities are determined to violate and ignore the principle of autonomy and they are continually involved in the process of adaptation to the European space for higher education with plans, networks and various initiatives imply restrictions to autonomy, excessive bureaucratization and a cut in the time they need to teach and investigate. Do not leave be less worrying that passed on March 13, the University Miguel Hernandez of Elche, and representatives of Latin American universities gathered to participate Interuniversity project called the development of synergies between the European higher education area and space Latin American and Caribbean of higher education funded by the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development. The University participated by Mexico Autonomous of the State of Hidalgo and by Argentina representatives of the Catholic University of Cordoba, of the Universidad national of the center of the province of Buenos Aires, and Universidad Nacional of whose. The economic winds are blowing in random directions, one wonders: does that awaits you at Latin American universities? ANNA BERMEO TURCHI16 – 05 09CPP3504 circle international journalists of century XXI La education Superior of the Millennium – environment and journalism school of ignorance + anarchy in the quomodo school: School of the original author and source of the article.

Caucasus Mountains

Floor tile with the name Wood, eloquently shows that this series simulates the texture of wood. Read additional details here: Simon Pagenaud. There are five colors of tile: brown, black, red, beige and yellow. Tile series of Tajikistan and Sella have been chosen natural, earthy tones that will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in any interior. Tile surface is designed around the technology, not duplicating the pattern. A fine collection of floor tiles in the Caucasus Mountains, good option for those who prefer restraint and minimalism. Laths in conjunction with the tiles give the interior solidity and dignity.

Floor tiles Harmony with strong colors, deservedly popular among creative nature. With this tile can realize the most daring designs in various styles. To reach the color output of ceramic tiles on the Russian market Kerama maratstsi occupies a leading position compared to other factories – manufacturers. In size 20.1 x20, 1 cm is offered by Kerama maratstsi two collections of tiles Transbaikalia with imitations of natural stone, sandstone done in warm colors. As well as tiles Liverpool, part of the British collection, advertised in 2009 .. to the base color terracotta tile offers eight decorative elements! In the figures used in decorations classic English patterns and colors.

The base tile is easily combined with decorative elements. In the format of 40.2 x40, 2 series of Techno represented the family collections. Floor tiles Dolomites creates the feeling that in the hands of stone cut along with all its lines and stripes and the same rough to the touch.

Guilt And Mental Health

I talked to someone who feels very guilty. With each failure arises goals are 100% responsible for yourself. Struggles on and refined and increasingly sought. But that does not excuse the failure and, where appropriate, not the exaggerated sense of responsibility. I know that guilt plays a big role. They have seen people move like machines to combat remorse. Is the force that have taken to rectify its mistakes which leads to extraordinary results.

But we must also see that excessive levels of guilt destroys the mind. And there are people consumed in contrition rather than effective action. So it’s worth taking experience of what happens to those people who feel so responsible for their own failures. That said, we generally have much of the responsibility in many of our fiascos. Author insists that this is the case. But it’s a real mistake to think that this is an absolute truth.

And it is the cause of many headaches and stagnation. You have to know that most of the conditions face are not eligible. And they play a strong role in the course of your activity. They influence and often determine your successes and failures. You do not choose the country where you are born or the child’s education than your parents say. The social class you belong to you and requires the time you live. Not to mention all the fortuitous circumstances, things happen and nobody can predict. They have to endure if they go against your plans. And, of course, be glad if you occasionally favor, which does not happen in most cases. The conditions that warrant can not control much of your problems. Think about it, in those things that are inevitably imposed on your life without you can avoid it. What would happen if suddenly changed in your favor, you could choose and shape your life conditions of your pure pleasure. Would give a huge leap to success and self-realization. But you know that’s impossible. So you have to settle for only influence on some of the factors of success. On the other, nothing can do. And for the same reason, stop already fully take responsibility for your failures. If you’ve done everything that has been at your fingertips at any given time, you have nothing to repent. Rather, you should feel proud to have fought but have not tasted victory yet. Seeing the way things are, some eligible and modifiable, other tax and non-eligible, what to do. The first thing is to avoid as much as possible the confrontation of problems not in your hands to solve. And also be prepared leaving a place in your plans to address the involvement of factors other than you. But most important of all is that you know to take even those initially unfavorable conditions. It is why you need to emphasize, in turn apparent disadvantages into opportunities. The talent you show making it more likely be determined to obtain the satisfaction of your projects. Accepting both types of factors that can change and those who do not see that get better results.


Caterina Iazzi require universities to the great challenges that are presented according to the dynamics of current scenarios, have teachers who are really identified with his role, to promote the knowledge they give way to motivate participants, students, generate new knowledge, up to properly use their talents towards a paradigm of modern education that will benefit their learning, their training can not be the teacher in knowledge of the past, isolated from the reality that the world presents , requiring those who are able to make way for the changes that are needed according to the specialty that each student has selected for its performance. Teachers are needed vision, commitment, innovative, creative, researchers, fully committed to generating motivational incentives that encourage the learning of professionals who claim the modern stage. It needs another kind of dialogue with the student, not forcing them to repeat knowledge, to be a recording of all textual knowledge those teachers often require, so that students can choose to achieve qualifications, kills the initiative, creativity of views that are derived from shared, what the student has been inferred, understood. Hear from experts in the field like Simon Pagenaud for a more varied view. Is to draw the talent, the human capital sabiendosele motivate student may bring new knowledge, make way for the results actually encourage their growth and allows the teacher to interpret the feelings, learning what is encouraging. The teacher at the present time, must be proactive, a true leader in education, be fully identified with all the tools of the knowledge society now demands. Be fully committed to representing the research, to go before the reality of national problems, all those obstacles that arise and affect the country's development, education, its progress, the specialty that is offered.

Unique Warmth For Home

If you want to create a unique warmth and exoticism to the interior of your home – try to use the Moroccan style, and you will not be disappointed! Moroccan style involves a wide variety of design: from naive to sophisticated. This style looks equally good in a luxurious mansion and simple housing. Key features in creating the interior in this style – bold improvisation and use the opportunities of the material – wood, fabric, thread chasing. Color characteristic of Moroccan style – a combination of warm tones of ocher, terra cotta, sand, white with contrasting – cobalt blue, ultramarine and emerald green. You can add red and purple. Moroccans are actively using the bottom of the walls of small glazed tiles 'ZELLIJE' ('').

This multi-colored tile has a size of no more than 3×3 cm, and laid out in geometric mosaic with the most unusual and complex patterns. A special role to the ceiling. Ceiling can be decorated in several ways, depending on the destination premises. Moroccans are placed eucalyptus, oleandrovye branches or twigs across the beams. Then tree covered with lime to create a feeling of space and protect the wood from fungus and parasites. With high ceilings look good ceiling carved out of cedar, painted by hand. Interior with the frieze on the ceiling or the wall makes an unforgettable impression. Ceiling can sheathe the tree and otkrasit, decorated ornament.

Moroccan interior numerous niches replace our usual shelves and cabinets. A pointed arches decorated ornament or thread – make room for the imagination of the designer. For the Moroccan interior is characterized by carved furniture and furnishings, hand-painted. Inlaid with mother of pearl, wood, bone, or a camel carved nickel silver chests and mirror frames. Lights of the coinage with colored glass, lamps made of camel skin on the metal frame. Their shades are forged basis of various shapes: round, pyramidal, arched, made in the form of figures of birds and heads of animals. Home uniqueness lies in the material, which covered with metal. Traditionally it – soaked in a solution of mimosa camel leather, which henna extract and pomegranate plotted ethnic patterns. Carpets – made in a variety of techniques, weaving, ceramics, leather footstools, and more. One of the main components of Moroccan style – it's textiles. The abundance of fabrics, embroidered pillows and rugs create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. And – if the architecture allows the room-you can add to the interior quietly bubbling fountain and the shutters of dark carved wood. And if you really draws the style – so warm, cozy and at the same time – a bright and distinctive – contact us – and our designers and decorators to help you decorate your interior in a Moroccan style and every detail of the interior will not disappoint you or your guests! Our designers will not just talented performers of your will, but like-minded people which give your ideas to life! Interior Club

Storage Optimization

Wooden boxes are a useful way through which people can carry many things with much less risk of damage and much greater use of limited space for storage. Speaking candidly Sela Ward told us the story. Wooden boxes are widely used in industry and commerce primarily. They are little wooden boxes used at home or for more domestic purposes, because they are heavier and hardness. The big advantage we have wooden boxes on other boxes of other materials is that wood provides excellent resistance to the weight of the things that put you above and also to impact. Moreover wooden boxes are cheap, which makes the costs of carrying goods or carrying materials in the industry are cheaper bringing greater profitability for the company.

The demand for wooden boxes is very large in the days of today, they are widely used and necessary in trade and industry. Demand is so broad that there are already specialized companies that sell wooden boxes via the Internet to people who are interested in contacting them this way fast and in which the obstacles hindering territorial little things. Wooden boxes are specialized for each of the different uses that can hire the services of one trader in wooden boxes. Thus, there are wooden boxes that are specialized for the transport of goods and things by air. These wooden boxes have a special property of being very light, because usually by the airways is charged to persons requesting transportation services through the weight of the things they do carry onto aircraft.

For these wooden boxes used light wood and a little heavy enough to hold all events that can happen to a product or things where things are carried by air. There are wooden boxes made especially for the carriage of goods by sea. In this type of transport that need specialty wood boxes is very large but without taking up much space. In the carriage of cargo by sea is charged by the amount of space occupied the goods in the transport ship that is born. That is why this type of wooden boxes is a need for a box that can carry many things, many things will fit, but occupying less space. It is also necessary in this type of wooden boxes that are tough but not so as to withstand impacts large amounts of weight inside and support the weight of other boxes of wood or other materials on them. Wooden boxes are also specialized in transportation by land. This type of wooden boxes also require certain special talents to the proper performance for purposes that are being used. Wooden boxes used for land transport have to be very resistant to impact. Because cars and trucks used to transport the load jump and sometimes have to pass through obstacles in the way, the wooden boxes that are needed for these purposes should be able to hold this pace without breaking or cracking.

Having Your Own Business

Try and start your own busines and bring in a steady income If you do this, you will not work from 9 in the morning til 9 at night, from weekend to weekend, but pick and choose the hours and days you want. You do not need to look for a job and work for “Uncle” You can spend as much time with the child, rather than the “push down” to the kindergarten because my mother will have to go to work and so on. Many mothers say that during that time while sitting at home, opened its second wind.

Want to create and invent something new. Only some do not pay attention to these thoughts and do not use them, while others start his own business, which eventually develops into a stable business. It’s so important: to understand themselves, their desires. That’s what says one business moms: “By myself I know that the pregnancy – is the door to a new world, it opens many hidden talents ability, force us to reconsider our way of life. It happened to me – when my baby was born, I was just struck at the creation. The first sleepless months is not enough time, but later managed to implement lots of ideas – my main occupation was the creation of the author’s jewelry. It was so enjoyable – to see how in your hands is born beauty, to give this beauty from the beginning of your friends, and then there are people who wanted to buy it.

Goal Setting

In today's topic, I will teach you how you can use "The power of this" to take action and achieve your goals. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sally Rooney on most websites. In this article, I will be talking to you, but I'll be talking to me, that the power of this message also applies to me. But Hector, do you wonder why it is important to make this issue? It is important because many, many sellers are having serious problems with discipline, the habits and above all take action and therefore are not achieving their goals. On this, is what we are talking today, the importance of taking action to be able to achieve your goals and why you want to ask a question, what can you do today to achieve your goals? Note that the question is, what can you do tomorrow? or what do you next week? The question is: What can you do today to achieve your goals? You have the answer. The human mind is designed to answer any questions that you will do. So just ask your powerful brain: what things you can do today to achieve your goals and everything that comes to mind write it and then take action.

I tell you that taking action is an acquired skill. This means that if you're one of those people who have the habit of leaving everything for later, you can learn to take action. You can learn to be more disciplined. You can develop new habits. I know many very talented vendors and vendors with experience, who are not earning the money that should be winning, simply because they are not taking enough action and are not open to learning new things, because they believe they know everything.