Introduction In the current society we see that the spaces to play are each time more limited specific environments, has seen, that they are being directed closed environments, such as in condominiums, schools and parks of diversions. Thus, before spaces of leisure and entertainment they costumam to have youthful and mainly adolescent a social function, between children. Being surrounding of socialization they promote the affectivity and also the cognition, for this perspective we have as a resource of Psicopedaggica intervention. We know that the values that involve the society are bordered in the relations human beings, in these they are to the cultural influences of the existing groups and its contributions to the human behavior. Not discarding that the ethical and moral values are reaffirmed in the conviviality in group.

The proposal of the Brinquedoteca as therapeutical resource if bases observing the great contribution of the toys and trick in the infantile learnings appeared the interest in searching of form deep this reality, having as among others helps the theoretical recital of some authors, as Brougre (1998), Kishimoto (1999) that they affirm that playing the children they change its behavior, showing the important paper that they play in the reality and the great qualities of which they possess. The trick is the activity most typical of the life human being, for providing joy, freedom and contentment. When the child plays, is in constant process of construction of meanings, searching to understand the world from its representations. Therefore, it is necessary to become the trick in the brinquedoteca as one practical intentional one, therefore it takes the pupil to construct its cognitivas references, its personality enriches and is a Psicopedaggico instrument that takes the therapist the condition of mediator, estimulador and appraiser of the learning process. When we speak in learning spaces we thus have for base the estimated ones that they propitiate the learning, before an environment favorable to the cognition an environment facilitador for the affectivity, in this feeling we have the intervention of psicopedagogo as instrument of entailing between patient and therapist.

William Shakespeare

There – I go disconnect itself offers Makes bristle – I myself cannot leave disconnect, is I there already comes back! Arriving in the room, Rodrigo takes the control of the hand of Julieta and disconnect the sound. – Deculpa, is that I became confused with the control and – IT GOES EVEN SO! – furious Rodrigo cries out! But Julieta, invents fast one forgives, catching in the chain of the neck: – My pendant! It bends down itself in the soil and looks for despaired: – My pendant, I lost my pendant I help me to Romeu to look for please! – This cannot be happening with me! – it thinks Rodrigo returns for the kitchen, and finds Erica in the sink. – Soon, I finished of of eat-says Make bristle-already I washed the place setting and the knife, we can come back toward the room? – Praqu? we go to be talking tranquilos here! – Rodrigo suggests – Nothing of this I want to come back pra room! – it insists directing itself for the door. Rodrigo tries to hinder, but pushes it and goes pra room, follows it to Rodrigo, finds the happy Julieta with the pendant in the hand There: – I found, is here it is a heart and it symbolizes our love, inside of it our initials R and J, is not pretty? – Oqu? – It makes bristle brave-then was therefore that you did not want that I came pra room? – I explain, I I explain! – he tries to adjust Rodrigo. But the girls, do not obtain to hold themselves start to laugh: – IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS! – Oqu? at what they are laughing? – Of you-it explains Make bristle-that direitinho in the plan fell that agent seted pra to give a lesson to you! – I wait that it has learn-says Julieta-e never more wants to bank the Romeu another time! – Now of Make bristle-Need license-asks for to me to take care of of my life, of which, you do not make more part! tchau! – obliged Julieta-e for the picture Tchauzinho-fires, adored the gift! The two go even so happy. Pertinho of the house of Julieta, the cellular one of it touches, was the William, it takes care of livened up.

It makes bristle it is said farewell and it followed the way. In house, the Julieta is happy, after speaking with the boyfriend in the telephone, but it complains of: – Penalty that the William disconnect fast I I had as many new features to count, mainly of the friend who conhec, which will be the surprise that it said to have pra me? you the curious one! In the way for house, Erica if says tired of the love, and that never more it goes to get passionate itself, until esbarra in a very pretty youngster who came distracted, the two they are looked at gotten passionate. This youngster is the William, it was in the city, this age the surprise for the Julieta. But same surprise who had was the Rodrigo when discovering in the Internet, that the given picture the Julieta could it be valid a richness, Is that they had ordered to analizar it, and the result was surpeendente therefore was about the only picture of William Shakespeare, painted when it was alive. The girls had donated the picture for a museum in England.

The End Of The Trilogy, Gears Of War 3

Epic Games has officially launched “Gears of War 3. The trilogy will end with this final installment, and will be coming to market during the month of April next 2011. Epic Games has officially launched “Gears of War 3″ through a press release in which he announced some interesting news with this highly anticipated game that counted. The trilogy will end with this final installment, which will be exclusive for the Xbox 360 and will be hitting the market during the month of April next 2011. Cliff Bleszinski, design director of Epic Games was the one who introduced this game world and tells us how some of the details with which we encounter in this end of the trilogy. Adam Sandler is likely to increase your knowledge. When we launched ‘Gears of War’ for over three years, we had the players around the world discovered an unforgettable tale of courage and sacrifice to overcome all obstacles.

Within a year, players will have the opportunity to live the last chapter of the story of Marcus Fenix and his fellow Delta Squad. ” “This is going to be delivering the largest and most dramatic of the entire saga of” Gears of War ‘and we look forward to showing it. “Together with this announcement, the companies Microsoft and Epic Games have been available to all the first trailer “Gears of War 3″ and five high-definition images where we see the battle between the Delta Squad, the Locust Horde and the fearsome new Lambent. The continue to report on all developments related to this release.


There are still Dedkov in Russian villages. Natasha – my wife's girlfriend – has consistently intermeddle a different story. The other day she wanted to with his girlfriend, just to relax after working day in the nervous kafeshke. Took them to beer, smoke, not bothering anyone, talk. Suddenly to them at the table falls grandfather.

Personality of sixty or seventy, with a view 'has long been my youth', smells like mothballs and slegontsa . And, surprisingly: starts reading the poems. C profound expression. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. About rebellious love. Apparently, his own composition. Natasha, trying not to laugh, makes no attempt to cover a wide menu. Girlfriend just petrified. request to stop the girls did not seem to hear on wary glances other visitors cafe pays no attention to her.

Do not stop reading. Quite loudly, trying to drown the music. Several times ran to the manager, asked music diminished and the right and left swearing. Then sit down again to her friends and went straight into their face yelling his poetry, because the music did not want to drop. Finally, with the next table stood a man about 40 years, took the Granddaddy under elbow, brought out into the street to chat. After five minutes triste returned to the room, shot a glance at her, and said quietly: 'if you wish big and pure love, follow me! " Then he proudly threw his head, straightened his old man's back and without looking left cafes. Have not gone more old people in our villages. If the story you had to taste, you can pay attention to this: 'cheer and strange this country States of America. "

Grand Cheap Hotel Deals

Agoda.com presents exclusive hotel offers, specifically 2013 compiled Prix to the forthcoming Singapore Grand, so that you can start to South East Asia. Singapore (10 July 2013) Agoda.com, Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of the NASDAQ listed Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), formula 1 Grand the world-famous Singapore throws himself on the occasion of Singapore’s exciting, loudest and certainly fastest event of the year Prix outfit and presents its customers fast because low-cost hotel deals in the Southeast Asian city-state. Between September 20 and 22, many of the main streets of Singapore’s public transport be blocked as some of the most daring and most talented racers of the world of their tricked-out car by 5 kilometers of sharp curves and the gas giving opportunity to give, in one of the most dynamic cities in Asia to steer a straight. The individual races are held here at night, so in particular the European Television audience the possibility to give, live on the screen with to follow the Grand Prix. To the entire inner-city circuit is brightly lit by floodlights. The participating riders are must fight per race by a total of 61 laps, which add up to a total length of nearly 310 km. Viewers spot repeatedly very positively about have expressed in the past few years, that the Grand Prix held at night and also about the fact that they enjoy the spectacle up close on the audience stands, which is always very close reach because of limited space on the track, could.

Grand Prix used F-1 cars are known for their extremely accurate tuning, a fact that is difficult to ignore, if the race car on the ranks with cheering spectators occupied by pipe. It is therefore recommended to use earplugs! In 2011, the Spaniard Jaime Alguersuari scored the fastest ever recorded single round, the he with an incredible Average speed of 305 km/h completed! That the city holds for however much more thousands of fans who will flock on the occasion of the Grand Prix after Singapore, as because the City-State at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula has also organized a wide entertainment programme of world class only fast cars and reckless drivers. In addition to local music groups such as Walker and the great spy experiment are also concerts of international groups as Waiora and Daby Toure Tom Jones as well as solo artists such as Rihanna, and to Justin Bieber. In addition there are various parades, street performances and for the little ones more than enough game events, entertaining and versatile to make your stay in Singapore apart from the races.


Or someone cut off the muffler. Or something else. You do not even have time to recover, as it turns out to be something at your car. And all this at a good level road with excellent pavement … not a very tempting prospect, is not it? If you want the engine of your car is guaranteed a safe and sound, you need to understand that: IT IS BETTER TO STAND crankcase and is not suitable, than not to stand, but needed! If you think you can break through the crankcase only at high speed, then, alas, it is not.

You can even damage the engine at low speed, about the speed bump, curb or something else. Vote in favor of protection. From personal experience. When I went to 'nine', was in following binding. In winter, the unpeeled roads, yards and out of town a few times 'Freeze' on defense. Wheels 'hang', if there is no one to pull off, complete priest, had to dig a sapper shovel.

In general, I unscrewed the defense. Not than a couple of months in the spring, called in once the patio, the rate of 15-20km / h. And accidentally bump the wheel on the edge of the hatch CLOSED. For even more details, read what Margaret Loesser Robinson says on the issue. Horrible hit bottom, as if the car blew up! The engine immediately stalls. I went out to look, I open the hood and ofigevayu! The box was split like a walnut! It turns out a cast-iron rim, which put the hatch, was cleaved edge.

Dzwirzyno Hotel Bryza

The Dzwirzyno Hotel Bryza is ideal for all travellers with pre-existing conditions In the Dzwirzyno Hotel Bryza are the guests at the heart. Here is one able individually to serve the tourists and to offer not only comfort, but also many medical services. A total of 110 rooms has a beautiful spa and is impressive for those who spend much time in the House also features an elegant restaurant and a cafe. Who spent the evening in the hotel’s own bar, can take advantage of the swimming pool the next day and so fresh and relaxed start into the new day. The sauna is popular with guests and, to do something for the health.

In consultation with medical professionals, all tourists can use the sauna. Also, visitors who have no sauna experience, can find the entry. Two or three visits to the sauna are enough per week. At the beginning of the stay should take only a few minutes. Who then afraid of the cold shower, you can use also other possibilities.

For relaxation, but also he guests Jacuzzi available. The most tourists, who chose Hotel Bryza the Dzwirzyno, also like to use the beauty treatments, which are varied and leave no wishes unfulfilled. The therapeutic measures in the Dzwirzyno Hotel Bryza has at least a doctor’s consultation. Tourists who stay longer, meet the doctor twice to the conversation. Up to two spa treatments per day are recommended. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. Vacationers who want to use each half a day for trips, can take this into account when planning the therapeutic treatments. Should be supported but abstain from not on the health applications, because many deals are very helpful and this, to be healthy. The mud treatment are recommended so all travellers. The Aqua gym is important for the tourists, who pay attention to the health. Water is excellently suited as a medium for patients who have problems with different movements. Through the intensive care, the guests in the Dzwirzyno Hotel Bryza enjoy, can build muscles and the consequences are treated by diseases and operations. The Aqua gym is an important technique and can be offered in the spa buildings in different levels of difficulty. Thus they are also suitable for vacationers, who are otherwise instructed on crutches. The gym can be increased accordingly and will finally quite demanding, why she is also suitable for tourists, who are active in competitive sports and need an exercise. On the page, all interested tourists learn more about the many possibilities of a spa in Poland.

Grand Prix

At the first move of the piston due to the flywheel kinetic energy, stored during the previous operation of the machine, the air is sucked into the cylinder. During the second stroke also committed by personnel of the flywheel, locked up in the air cylinder is compressed to 35 atm. In this case, the heat released during compression, bringing it to the ignition temperature of fuel. At the beginning of the third turn at the pumps injected kerosene. Get all the facts and insights with Adam Sandler, another great source of information. This injection lasted only a fraction of stroke. Details can be found by clicking Adam Sandler or emailing the administrator. During the rest of the mass of the gas expanded and the piston communicated to the labor force, which is transmitted through the connecting rod and crankshaft engine.

In the fourth course of erupted products of combustion through an exhaust pipe into the atmosphere. The engine was equipped with a compressor, which is in a special vessel to thicken the air at a pressure slightly higher than the highest pressure in the cylinder. From this reservoir of air through the tube a very small diameter was directed into a small chamber nozzle, that is, the apparatus for spraying fuel supply, to simultaneously fed kerosene. This chamber is communicated with the interior of the cylinder with small holes, a lockable tip: when the needle is lifted kerosene to drive into the cylinder due to excess pressure in the chamber. Combustion in the cylinder regulated, depending on the force that was supposed to develop the engine or change the length of the intake of fuel, either by varying the pressure in the compressor. The same compressed air was used for the initial start-up the engine from cold. Placed at the top of the engine camshaft with five cams of a controlled valve, intake air, the other – a valve let in kerosene, the third – a valve manufactured products combustion.

The last two cam operated valves, with which let in air pressure in the cylinder during the initial engine start. The first official test of the new engine produced a real sensation among engineers. From that time began the march of 'diesel' around the world. Many firms that previously had not responded to the offer Diesel, rushed to buy him the right to build engines invented them, and this right now costs them dearly (for example, Immanuel Nobel, wanting to build a ship plants in Russia, Diesel paid about 500 thousand dollars). Already in 1898, Diesel, quite unexpectedly, became a millionaire. However, the first engines fired into production, proved to be unsatisfactory, capricious, and often out of order, required more expensive Spare parts. Produce such complex and high-tech machine was not under force many factories with outdated equipment. As in his time Watt, Diesel had to spend a lot of effort to ensure that perfected the manufacturing process of manufacture of diesel engines – to develop new machines to find suitable alloys to prepare specialists. For several years he wandered through Europe and America, visiting factories, which went on production of his engines. By the beginning of xx century, the main difficulties have been overcome, and diesels are gradually gain more and more new areas of applications in industry and transport. In 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris, diesel engines have received the Grand Prix. Particularly raised the prestige of the new engines the news that the plant Nobel in Russia established a very good issue of ship power plant design Diesel's working for crude oil.

Ballermann Hotel

Theft during the holiday: the guest has left is Majorca for many years of one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. The Spanish island offers holidays for every taste. The landscape is varied: beautiful sandy beaches or secluded estates in the Interior of the country guarantee pure relaxation, mountains and cliffs irritate active holidaymakers and who want to have fun at the Ballermann, come here even at his own expense. Mallorca is quickly reachable by plane, so that short breaks and families need to shy away from any long journey with young children. In addition, most hotels are reasonably priced and yet comfortably furnished. Unfortunately burglars driving mischief year after year in the tourist resorts know that.

Easy, they can use the room safes. Most holidaymakers believe that their valuables are there safely housed and there stow cash and jewelry in addition to identity. These safes have often only a simple lock or number codes, which you can easily crack. Also door – or window locks can be for experienced criminals quickly overcome and if the guest then nice after a day of vacation in the hotel come back, you can experience a nasty surprise. Others who may share this opinion include Tony Parker. Dips and the associated material losses are secured generally by theft insurance. Victim should on-site document all losses and in any case inform the police and hotel management. If there are traces of break-in, the insurance without much effort to replace the financial damage. Only the trouble lost papers and idealistic items left at the end.

For some time, have insurance and victim with a whole new problem to fight: many safes are removed, without that the locks have been damaged. I.e., that the insurance paid not. Therefore, hotel owners and insurance companies have enabled a private investigator, who should teach these invisible drops. The detective agency Saxony has figured out that almost all hotel doors, even when they are completed. can be opened easily. Moreover, many of the safes can be with a combination open. Like when a master key, there is a master code with which each safe in case of an emergency can be opened for hotel employees. With the help of surveillance cameras could be determined, that this code often over a long period and not has been altered. Particularly in resorts, there is a high turnover in staff. The former employees sell the code thief gangs or break even at the resorts. Vacationers shouldn’t include high amounts of money or valuables in her room. The most receptions feature a safe and who is insured in any case.

What Women Want

The war between the sexes, how long? (Part I) Rabbi Akiva said: "Man and woman, if manage the Deity is among them, if they fail, they are consumed by fire." They just do not understand how women think, they just do not understand their priorities. The truth is simple: the spiritual root of the sexes is really different. How to set a path set is the real secret. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman * Security have already had the opportunity to see or at least hear about the movie What Women Want, known in Latin America as "What Women Want" and in Spain, "What Women Want?" .

However, for those who do not know what it is, here is a brief summary: A male chauvinist who mistreats women, by accident one day get an electric shock at home, which changes his life completely and instantly. Suddenly, from that time, develops the ability to hear the deepest thoughts of all women around him, and therefore starts to become familiar with the female. Spontaneously know what they want and as a result, develops a sensitivity towards women in his life, which dramatically increases its popularity. a stas delight and impress this man so sensitive, intelligent, sweet and attentive, so amazingly knows how to respond to their needs, as if "he had read his thoughts." This movie was a huge success worldwide, touch-sensitive fibers. Most of the audience, men and women combined, came from that movie with a great sense of satisfaction; them in hopes of having a similar impact, and they think "I wish to happen to my spouse" Everything depends on where Given the success of this film reflects the need that exists in each one of us.