Perpetual Life

The force of what the person says if constructs from the flexo of the voice, of narrowing of the eyes, manejar of cabea.’ ‘ Nor I count ‘ to you; ‘ Exactly the movements of the shoulders and the pauses – long and folloied of sighs – compose the set of what it is being said pro well or pro badly. many times the chosen track is pro badly, therefore it is difficult to live inside – and to coexist – of perfection parameters. We have a natural trend to extend tragedies, and some times we make in such a way irresponsible partial commentaries and one. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez contributes greatly to this topic. still has people that it has compulsion for controlling the life of the others, if auto-entitulando notifiers of the other people’s misfortune. if some do not speak then exercise the imagination with events that had wounded or magoram many.

The same it does not happen in relation to the good and beautiful things. The trend is to menosprezar what he is constructive entertainer and in the others. But this is not harmful? The reply it is: yes. If you assume the negative reality, you tend to be perpetual ‘ ‘ transportador’ ‘ of shades, pleasant sadness and odors nothing. what ‘ was pra to be something; ‘ in outros’ ‘ it starts to be part of you. On the other hand, if you to give a step in direction the Perpetual one, saying to the others on life and peace, then you will reflect solely the brandura and the perfume of the love there, that certainly will infect also its existncia.’ ‘ The bad messenger falls in the evil, but the faithful ambassador is sade.’ ‘ Sayings 13:17 Today read: I Color 13:13 extracted Stretch of the book ‘ ‘ A Window For the Eterno’ ‘ , of authorship of Shepherd Elcio Loureno.

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