Real Family

In these historiogrficas boardings we will make analyses of texts that speak on the Imperial Amaznia, where we will search to understand as the women they had been inserted inside of the society, as well as, had been represented. HISTORICAL CONTEXT Is necessity to the reader its better agreement to analyze the historical context of the period of 1808 the 1889 in Brazil and the Amaznia. In 1808, with the arrival of the Real Family in Brazil, due to French invasion in Portugal the cut is implanted in Brazil, breaking with this the colonial pact, where England will be one of the great beneficiaries, therefore it earns on the part of Portugal tax exemption. In 1815 with the defeat of Napoleo and rise of Brazil to the United kingdom of Portugal and Algarves, Rio De Janeiro already was headquarters of the Lusa monarchy in 1817, the dissatisfaction of the regional elites makes with that the pernambucana rebellion of separatista character occurs. In 1820 with the Revolution of Port D. Joo VI it returns to Portugal and it leaves as regent its son Peter. This Revolution took the Portuguese provinces to the liberal ideas, that make possible the election of governmental meetings, where many Brazilian provinces had adhered one trend of approach with these ideas, as it was the case of Grain-Par. D. Peter decides to be in Brazil, after the elites of Portugal to demand its immediate return, and with this, through the interlacement with the elites of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Minas Gerais, it can in 22 of September of 1822, proclaim the Independence of Brazil, this however that it was not obtained without many fights since many provinces had not adhered Independence as it was the case of Grain-Par, that after many violent fights in November of 1823 only adheres Independence. The crises of the cotton and the sugar had aggravated the situation of D.

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