IKEA Proposes

The last Swedish brand of furniture and decoration Ikea online dossier is a proposal to transform spaces and create new expressions and environments that awaken and represent to the emotions of people entitled game of textiles. It is therefore a set of examples that reflect and demonstrate how you can play to combine shapes, colors, tones and textures of the different types of textiles for the generation of unique and atmospheres according to the emotions and characters of the people. IKEA encourages as well the decor of unique spaces that reflect the emotions raised by the fact of living in a home overlooking the sea in which peace and nature breathe at all hours with a simple combination of textile expressions; the recreation of an urban space in the prima taste for big trips and adventures or the typical family home in which all its components meet once a week to meet and share their latest experiences. In this way, the Swedish furniture store manages to give a special decorative touch to space with the combination of panels manufactured with textiles and component plant, creating an artistic atmosphere of joy and vitality. Original author and source of the article

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