Restaurant Service

Nevertheless, so that the new concept is known the establishment will be necessary to wait for year 2014. A last menu East surprise Saturday from the 18,00 hours (an hour and a half before the habitual thing) gives to beginning the last service of the restaurant, to which they are invited about fifty privileged people, all of them " friendly and familiares" of Adri, according to it has confirmed own chef. The last menu is also a secret, and will culminate with an intimate celebration, with campanadas incorporated like in year end, in which instead of grapes pieces of an enormous pie will eat surprise, being pleased that as of the 00,01 hours of the 31 of July the Bulli Foundation begins its walking. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jorge Perez. Adri explains that to arrive at " this sueo" that it will be the foundation, it has been possible thanks to chefs that they have happened through the Bulli and that from now on will be the ones in charge to eternally maintain the spirit of this already mythical restaurant alive. It is not necessary to forget among others that in the Bulli they have worked Ren Redzepi (number one of the world according to the Restaurant magazine), Joan Rock (number two), Andoni Luis Aduriz (number three) and Massimo Bottura (number four). For that reason, Adri wants to pay tribute and to write to fire in the pages of the universal kitchen the names in which they have participated in generated gastronomical revolution in the furnaces of the Bulli. Source of the news: It closes ' The Bulli' , to that Ferran Adri will transform into a new gastronomical foundation

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