Foreign Language

In life, there is one or another situation in which to learn a foreign language is a must, or your life turned out, that you are going abroad to live, or you will face a serious promotion, is only a flash new language skills. Immediately behind this decision comes a bunch of questions. How do I learn? Where to teach? How to choose a course? Teacher? And anyway – it really viable? And then you come to the bookstore and choose benefits that you advises the seller. Enroll in language classes, who advised friends. Sela ward takes a slightly different approach. Looking for private tutors, guided only by the inner voice. And do not know the most important answer: whether you are doing? After all, until So far you have not had experience in learning the language, as there is no measure of the rules and what is good and what's not and what a start in selecting methods and textbooks.

Is is one way – through trial and error or to search for a recipe? All would be nothing, but we are losing time and losing money, and frustration that we can grasp in the end, sometimes completely discourage the desire to continue learning the language further. Before giving concrete advice and recommendations language learners that will help you easily start to navigate in a sea of options available today services and benefits, listen to a parable of the athletes from Russia. Learned once they have that in Tibet there is a monastery, whose monks in after one of the festivals run 80 kilometers.

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