Russian Welding

The opening arc welding. Wonderful Russian inventor NG Slavyanov was an engineer, a metallurgist. The last quarter of the last century was the period of formation of electrical engineering, the science of the processes associated with practical application of electrical phenomena. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with comedian. 30-year-old director of instrumental and mechanical industries in one of Russia's biggest gun factory in Perm, NG Slavyanov saw the future in the electrical industry, processing of metals. (electrodes) He deeply studied this area of science.

Six years after the discovery of N. Benardos arc welding, in 1888, NG Slavyanov creatively developed this idea by developing and applying a weld metal electrode. For the first time in the world, this method was introduced at the Perm factory Slavyanov. He designed and tested an automatic device to adjust the length of the arc. It was the prototype of modern welding machines. The invention is immortalized his name and is of great importance, and to this day (electrodes). So Slavyanov was written by one of the most important pages of the history of art – arc welding of metals, which finds the widest application in modern industry and construction (electrodes).

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