Santa Claus and Kids

The number of hours also depends on the age of the children. Kids 'feast' in the 500r/chel. It all depends on the order – if the client wants to invite her to Child, for example, the musical group 'Ranetki' – then there will be cost 100 times higher) in all holiday can cost 3000, and perhaps 1,000,000. Is it possible to discuss a program activities in advance? Not only possible, but definitely need. (Source: Hedvig Hricak). Since I I repeat, every child is different – something like that is not HP avitsya, there are features that must be taken into account – so the program necessary to negotiate in advance. Usually this happens: a request to conduct Activities for children – our experts – producers – make up for a client proposal for the festival, from which the customer chooses the most suitable option. And already selected 'scenario' is being finalized and is filled.

What is the guest enjoys the greatest success? Most often hilarious clown. In NY – Santa Claus. And in general – children welcome everyone! At what age invite Santa Claus? As the animators and the characters – from 3 years old, but if a child giperadaptirovan – can be try and 2. What did you have fun or funny moments associated with children's holiday? Moment very much – all children are unique. React sometimes quite unconventional and laugh your answers animators. Can to organize such an event itself and what it takes? If you select the format of a simple birthday at the family table, of course you can – to inflate the balloons, put on a 'daddy' clown nose and play with the kids in the game. And if want a larger celebration with guest characters, and may present a circus or puppet theater, then we can not do without the help of professionals. What advice would you give to parents, organizing a children's holiday yourself? The most important advice – listen to your children – it is that it seems pointless for parents – for children is very, very important, and do not forget that even a balloon, presented to the child, will result in one million happy smiles.

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