The Definition

Their self-transmitted priority: You pretend to protect trolls before attention requesting discussion forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, wikis, chat rooms, blogs. What is the subject of a thing, looks like a disorder and what a contribution has to generate attention, subject to only the definition monopoly of the troll Hunter. “” Also the forecast whether a sprawling discussion “by a naive” question can be raised and may, subject to this peculiar definition monopoly of the troll Hunter. Recurrent core accusation is angry and rambling answers as troll offence, that the troll “by his naive” angry and rambling answers question to raise in the location and deliberately seeking this. It is clear that there is no equality of arms here. Recently Larry Culp sought to clarify these questions. Alone who and replied in what manner, is not within the sphere of influence of the trolls. Instead, the troll Hunter in hand through their have it Responses and their rambling off discussion posts “to carry out the offence of Trollens. Thus, they try to initiate a witch-hunt.

The definition of hegemony over the trolls there is even an own catalogue of facts for the trolls. The trolls as a stronghold of evil in the Internet community is qualified by means of an own definition hegemony: trolls Act deliberately, repeatedly and harmful; Ignore the trolls and violate the principles of the community; Trolls wreak havoc not only content, but also, to try to stir up conflicts within the community; Trolls are isolated within the community and try to hide their virtual identities. As the inner side of the Act “is accused of the troll: boredom;” Search for attention; Revenge; Fun and entertainment, to inflict maximum damage to desire of the community. A multi class society in a democratic is troll Hunter dwarfs or Giants trolls through the definition of trolls ‘and the Trollens’ as a result Communication forum. There is suddenly good and bad questions, discussions, good and bad, good and bad posts. Is quite rapidly subsequently also with the reputation for censorship, prohibiting, exclusion and exclusion from the communications community. Thus also the democratic claim is questioned by Internet and communication community.

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