The Device Is The Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is designed for the final cleaning of fuel before it enters the fuel line leading to the engine. Filters used in various fuel systems in modern engines use the following main types of fuel systems: gasoline, fuel injection and diesel. For each system uses its own filters, adapted to the peculiarities of these systems. Filters carburetor systems in gasoline engines fuel pump draws fuel from the fuel tank and pumps it into the carburetor. Filter type 'line' is located between the fuel tank and carburetor and prevents clogging the carburetor jets mud contained in the fuel. Filter type 'line' is a small filter element in a nylon casing, the quality of filtering – 20 microns.

The filter housing is connected via pipes to the fuel line. The filter housing is made of transparent nylon in order to control the degree of contamination. Filter type 'in line', you must have in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Filters injection systems components injection systems more sensitive to pollution than the carburetor. Therefore, these systems are always in the fuel filter or fuel tank located in the type 'the tank', or in the fuel line such as 'in line'. Usually, the fuel pump located in the tank, sucking in the fuel tank and pumping it through the filter element to the injectors. The filter element in the fuel injection system provides higher quality filtering: 5 to 7 microns. Filter element is located in a metal case and also delays in the fuel water.

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