Blue Reading

But even in the case where the action takes place outdoors, Characters like "bring" to the atmosphere of a smoky tavern, which is present in the interior scenes. Vermeer, in contrast to the wall, puts his characters in a light-filled interiors. On most of his paintings characters are located at the window opening, illuminated stream of soft sunlight, pouring out of it, that creates a special atmosphere of emotional images, elevates them to the poetic. Special "relationship" with both artists and with color. The darkened atmosphere of genre scenes like The Wall "smooths" the different color accents and makes the dominant brown-reddish shades, which occasionally fall from the contrasting other bright colors. Ton of genre pictures by Vermeer more saturated. The palette ranges from deep red (carpet in the foreground of the composition "The lady at the harpsichord and the gentleman") to sky blue (jacket immersed in Read letters woman in the painting "Woman in Blue Reading a Letter"). Our impression of the genre peronachalnoe two paintings by Dutch artists, therefore, primarily determined by these formal qualities their paintings.

Most light-and color-saturated genre paintings of Vermeer creates a more joyful, elevated mood, while the sultry atmosphere of dark and smoky pubs of dwellings, where the action is most of his genre scenes wall, a few depressing us with their "sullenness". III. On the "heroes" genre scenes wall and Vermeer. Social openness and restraint Wall Delft master. The ratio of the movement. Acoustic noise "Background" events. Comparing the 'heroes' wall paintings of Vermeer and among themselves, first of all notice that the number of binding entities in genre scenes artists are different. At Vermeer, we do not find that the mass of idleness, which so loved to depict the Wall. Apparently, her last ever become an observer rather often, as a source of income of his family was the content of the inn.

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