The Magic Of Imagination

Imagination – is the ability to see through the thick walls of T. Wilder remnants of the ancient wisdom are scattered all around us, in the names of days, weeks and months of the year, in the arrangement of bones, the core of the apple, in music, fairy tales, which We tell our children, the magic of words, in architecture, great works of art And if we do not see this ancient wisdom, it is only because we have been taught not to see her. 'We are charmed by materialism' – said the famous researcher of esoteric traditions Jonathan Blek.Esli we try to dip into the past for many of the millennium, we find very little evidence that science can be considered authentic. This can be compared with high-rise designs. Swarmed by offers, Tony Parker is currently assessing future choices. standing on tiny pieces of data. And, of course, the same can be said about our view of the future. truth in that.

when we leave the tiny island of material, each time entering the kingdom imagination, and before us the magic world full of opportunities and unsolved mysteries but all in your hands. Imagination – is the key. Those people buyout the most changed the course of history, were the great thinkers. Man generates a new idea, can no longer influence the course of history than the commander, the commander of thousands of people on the battlefield. Recall Leonardo da Vinci Parachute, crossbow, car and even aircraft – the result of imagination, genius, ahead of their time.

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