Color Car

However, the battered car is better not to buy, for both technical reasons and because at later time police employee may have suspicions about the origin of the car. You risk spending a lot of time proving their ownership of a car is often sold on phony warrant. It is useful to verify the seller's right to dispose of selling them a car service book. If it persists, then it can be determine the regularity of service vehicles and the number of owners. Also, just check with the seller the number of car owners since its acquisition, the country of the original purchase, place of last registration, availability checkup for the next year, mileage cars, and if he implausibly low for a specified period – with anything related to such a low value of its path, as well as machinery and equipment options for the purchase Attention is drawn to the presence of 2 sets of brand-name (!) Key Inspection Compare outside the paint in engine compartment and on the wings. When repairs are displayed only the external surface and inside them is not even always primed. If the car is not tinted traces of paint should not be on any rubber and plastic body parts, tubes, wires, engine.

If the car is painted, then, was the body repair. To determine the entire car is painted or not, sometimes it is enough to bend, such as a toothpick, a rubber lip seal glass. Perceptible to the touch step body coat (LCP) or mismatch Color – clear evidence of refinishing.

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