The Micron Basin

It still has the presence of solid as bottles pet, played tires and excessively lixos dejections in the stream bed of the stream for the proper inhabitants who do not possess the conscience of the enormous evil that such attitude provokes on the part of the involved agencies in the question of the ambient preservation, that would have to consider lectures being demonstrated the importance of the ambient preservation so that if it has one better quality of life. But this situation of degradation occurs throughout practically all the Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo. The proper city hall as information of the ADERCO and through done comments to the place constructed a condominium next to the stream bed to the Stream Are Gonalo, e, not respecting the current law. What Basin of the Stream is happening in this Micron Is Gonalo, is preoccupying, therefore the population if comes across with the housing lack and in some cases they occupy improper areas for housing, what it lacks then is one adjusted habitacional politics. It still lacks a concern how much the question of the leisure for the people of these quarters that does not make use if wants of green areas so that the same ones can also understand better the question of ambient preservation.

The Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo all covers 11 quarters during its passage, the situation is preoccupying. Another concern is the question of the lack of adequate sanitation therefore was existed, would not be launched sewers in-natura in the stream bed of component streams of the Micron Basin of Is Gonalo. It still has problems that they are related with illnesses caused for the pollution. It has then the concern in this project of research so that if it searchs legal mecanis them to me and of collective awareness of the resident communities next the Micron Basin to the Stream Is Gonalo.

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