Speaker System

Systems VX800 subwoofers complemented VX15, built on a 15 'dalnohodnom dynamics. Broadband line array modules VX100 have almost the same body sizes, as well as VX800, but contain two woofer diameter 10 'and more powerful compression HF driver with a diameter of membrane 3'. Directivity pattern is 100 x10 , and the sensitivity due to the special hull design reaches 104 dB / W / m. To work in conjunction with this module is a powerful subwoofer VX18. VX 1200, VX senior series module, a three-band audio system that includes 12 'low-frequency woofer and two 8' midrange driver and 3 "compression HF driver, loaded on the waveguide forming a cylindrical wave.

This top is recommended in conjunction with directional subwoofer MCH1800, which has two 12 'and one 18' woofers in the configuration of the radiation front / rear. Subwoofers can be suspended from the tops in the same cluster, including over tops. CA Series This series includes linear arrays of new generation, designed for scoring the big spaces – the stadium, city areas and sports arenas. Series consists of four broadband loudspeaker system – SA0010, SA007, SA2212 and SA2712 and complementary subwoofers SA215V, SA28W and SA218T. The design of rooms has all the necessary elements for assembly and suspension in the cluster.

Speaker system is a dual band SA0010 module line array, forming a region of constant directivity of sound with a 90 angle to the horizontal and 10 in the vertical plane. Module contains two low-frequency driver with 10 'and 1.7' high-frequency driver with a waveguide forming a cylindrical wave. LF-loudspeaker-solvent set symmetrically to the center speaker, providing a uniform distribution with low dispersion angle of 90 in the horizontal plane at frequencies up to 300 Hz. Recommended subwoofer – SA28M. SA007 Speaker System is an array element, designed for scoring average and near field. It differs from the SA0010 three-band design and high-frequency waveguide is extended to 100 horizontal dispersion. The array configuration for these modules can be started with four loudspeakers with a total SA007 horizontal pattern from 0 to 30 and increased to 16 elements in an array of complex shape.

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