Banana Island

Heard the song 'Banana Island' and 'Boy Bananan'. No comments. Who remembers, he will understand, and who can not remember – to explain is futile:) 'computer', the 86th year. In the 85-year tape released an album of this group. The album, in my opinion, was so-so, too pop, with connected on the forefront of non-living drummer (then in vogue have been actively include 'Japanese drummers' are not always sounded lively and convincing).

But in this group were two interesting people – ex-vocalist and ex-guitarist 'Cruise', and Gregory Alexander Monin Bezugly. I really wanted to see them still in their 'kruizovskuyu' time. And Gaina, and Sarychev … In Concert 'Cruise', which was in Tula two years earlier, I did not hit. Advertising absent, and in Schekino where I lived then, the news of 'Cruise' is not reached. Later I found out that near Philharmonic had gathered a huge crowd of fans suffering, it ended with the smashing of windows riot, and the concert was canceled. Heavy metal was then in vogue, and 'computer' quick forge their kitsch-melodic screamed at fumes, heavy metal swords, leaving the old song repertoire. Prevailed at the concert concrete waste, hairy riveted the audience came with delight.

As the opening act played an unknown to this day jazz-rock group 'paraphrase', severely booed by the audience for metals. Monin was, as always, on top. A Bezugly sang wonderfully bright, beautiful ballad: Somewhere in the sea the island is, there your treasure stores destiny … The photo was taken on the same concert my friend.

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