Solitude Aeturnus

There are various new tendencies of the genre, this is usually manifested in the cross doom metal as such with other stylistic directions, thereby to form original sound that leads the listener far beyond the usual boundaries of the genre. Thanks to a young team, were formed at the difficult time for the doom metal time, there are currents, like: doom-death metal, funeral doom metal, drone-doom metal. This was the era of great change and great musical discoveries, bordering on the level of daring experiments. Thus, doom metal can be sorted by following offshoots: traditional doom, epic doom, doom-death, funeral doom, drone-doom, stoner-doom, sludge-doom, black-doom metal, avantgarde-doom, which we shall consider in turn. The traditional doom metal (traditional): a very slow, atmospheric, stringy and tough metal, mixed with musical heritage, left by Black Sabbath. But this music was already focused on loading and stiffness of the musical material.

In the classical understanding of different sounds and a special technique, borrowed from vyazkopodobnogo, monotone hard rock of the 1970s, which can outline the term groove. The atmosphere tends to be different: from the taste of rage, desperation and short of emptiness, the dark cold. Group, performing his music in this stylistic direction, usually uses the party clean vocals, but keep in mind the fact that among the classics of common and rough vocals. The brightest representatives of this branch are above Candlemass, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, as well as Reverend Bizarre and Solitude Aeturnus. Epic doom metal (epic): in terms of the content of texts to compositions different from the traditional noticeable bias in the Middle Ages and fantasy.

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