Drottingholmsky Theatre

Drottningholmsky Theatre is the only building in the world, which recreates the aesthetic of the smooth transition of the majestic baroque style in a lightweight and delicate rococo. Preserving abundant decor rococo baroque elegantly transforms straightness of lines, giving them a special curved smooth. Interior decorations of the era were decorated with bronze plates in the form of garlands, flowers, plants, constituting a kind picture "rokaylnogo" (like the shell ") ornament. In the modern interior design elements of the rococo style becoming weightless intertwine forged patterns, light gilt, silk sheen draperies and upholstered furniture, bright identification of natural wood textures, once open Thomas chippendel. And yet, returning to the XVIII century, we note that in the theater playful Rococo The Set is rapidly being replaced restrained classicism, creating the impression of enormous power, coupled with a complete illusion of reality. "Noble Truth" In contrast to Europe's East, a scenic interior of the East at all times differs from the European abundance of traditional symbolism, sometimes grotesque and peculiar vision of the external shape and space. Canonical type design scene in the Japanese aristocratic masques But formed in the XIV century, preserved to this day: the image of pines on the abstract gold background in the depth of the site, shiny floor, where, as in a mirror, reflects the movement and bright brocaded costumes of actors – and no more subjects on a low wooden stage with no curtain. Japan gave the world The bright, saturated air space, skillfully organized the void – defining feature of modern minimalist interior.

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