To Dance Like Michael Jackson

What I put? In order to begin, nothing of hats, neither shoes black, neither socks white, we go to try, to practice, that means that not it will leave us either to first, and that it is not going to us to watch nobody so that we are brilliant, we are going to see, that does not leave,. Whether I am small as if I am small, we will put ourselves comfortable, nothing fit, wide trousers and comfortable t-shirts, or are of rapero, or a chandal, or old clothes that is open or widens. Where I put myself? It moves away to all mirrors and crystals at the moment, is not you break that them ten a minimum space 3 or 4 meters squared, or in the dining room, your room, or in the street, why no? It watches the ground coverall, and calclalo more or less, please, nonserves no meter: D is joke, hazlo if you want, to calculate it by rough estimate, thinks that a meter is more or less a step, so you do squaring in the ground of 3-4 meters, and tries to see it as a dance circle. The slippery ground, or taken hold? there are some imitadores they prefer that it very slippery, to do the turns and " moonwalk" fast and easy, and they prefer it to others very dry, fight, to feel but safe, . what is the correct thing, then? the answer is: IT DEPENDS ON YOUR FOOTWEAR. Your footwear also can be slippery, or no, then we must create a midpoint, neither very slippery, nor very taken hold. If you do not obtain anything of this, you must have much taken care of, because you can have serious injuries. .

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