Weekend Break On The Costa Brava

Discover the rocky coast in Northern Spain during the package holiday boom in the 1950s has discovered the Costa Brava to Europe and especially Britain. This development has gained a rather bad image of the region. That’s too bad, because this region no matter what budget is a place for recreation. The Costa Brava (cliffs) is the North-easternmost strip of Spain, stretching from the Pyrenees to the French border. With about 150 km long coast offers a variety of resorts and accommodation options, like for example Costa Brava Apartments, Costa Brava hotels. Attraction, who owns the entire coastline, are the beautiful beaches of all conditions and sizes. Was worth visiting even in the winter months.

“This is also recommended if you have booked a hotel in Barcelona and only” plan a short break on the Costa brava. In addition to the beaches, there are to discover even more. In General, the more southerly resorts are more for Suitable families. Blanes for example is one of them. The beaches have excellent public facilities. numerous water sports you can also there operate, such as pedalos and boats. The kids can spend the whole weekend at the beach, and they will probably do so. If you travel in winter there however, worthwhile above all the amusement parks in the city.

Water World is the largest water park in Europe and is especially for the active young people. Also, Marineland will enlighten them about the sea creatures. Yet secluded coves can be discovered even in such major tourist centres. Specifically continued in the North of the Costa Brava, near the town of roses, the visitor has spoilt for choice. Roses is a place which is very important for the tourism offers therefore a range of accommodation options for all ages. Anders has retained its natural charm roses than other places. The visitor has the choice: beaches with all necessary facilities, the old coastal towns with their sights,. Cliffs and a night life for young adults. It continues to the North, the cities are more natural. Such as the cities of pals or s ‘ Agaro offer therefore rather few watersports facilities, are therefore rather more quiet. The story and the natural flair can be experience in such cities. The Costa Brava ends in Cadaques of the northernmost city of the coast. There is an artist that attracts both artists and art lovers. The coastal road takes you to the place which is characterised by its White buildings and the blue sea. Especially Spanish artists, such as Picasso, Dali and Lorca shall ensure that the place the charm of a village of artists kept. No place for the wild youth, but all worth seeing is Cadagues a place for coffee lovers, music and entertainment lovers.

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