Education and Movies

To sustain the status of a dependent country needed a cultural superstructure designed to prevent knowledge of their identity. This superstructure is organized on the basis of a set of organizations and practices planned and developed by the imperialist powers and their internal operations, the native oligarchies. Arturo Jauretche in the prophets of hate and terror, created the concept of Pedagogical Colonization device to define the way it organizes and develops the cultural dependency. Actress will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The figure of device can display a set of organizations, acting with the same goal to create and sustain addiction. The concept of colonization, can understand the culture as a political space whose function is directly related to the maintenance of this unit. The idea of education to understand that this process involves a long-range educational function, which is exercised through the device in order to colonize. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries, showed an acceleration of events that, at first sight marking would be fundamental changes in the history of mankind. In the light of reality offered by the twenty-first century, it appears that no such changes, but different make-ups for the same face. The inhuman face of savage capitalism, the Western world, which today takes the name of globalization Until the seventeenth century, the European livestock farming economy suffered a double problem: on the one hand, a chronic shortage of winter feed for their cattle, this forced to sacrifice a large part in the fall and keep their meat for winter consumption, which produced a great demand for spices for seasoning and preservation.

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